Cloud finalist Onecom: Partnerships are the secret to success

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Cloud finalist Onecom: Partnerships are the secret to success

Cloud finalist Onecom: Partnerships are the secret to success

Celebrate your customer’s success as much as your own

No business is an island; everyone relies on partners and suppliers to deliver the best service to their customers. It makes sense, then, that forming and nurturing those relationships is important to success.

If you can judge success by recognition, then Onecom - shortlisted in not one or two, but three categories in the Cloud Excellence Awards - is a success story. The company, a business telecoms and cloud communications provider, works closely with UK-based organisations nationwide, tailoring its solutions for each.

Nick Beardsley, enterprise director at Onecom, says its belief in the power of partnership is what makes the company different.

"Firstly, that refers to the partnerships we build with our customers - we spend time getting to know them to understand how they work today, and their strategic vision for the future. Then we can tap into our experience of communication technology to work closely with them to make a real and measurable difference."

Nick Beardsley
Nick Beardsley

It's not only customer relationships, either. "We use the strong partnerships we have with leading names such Vodafone, Samsung, Mitel, Five9 and Microsoft, as well as the expertise of our own innovators, to deliver those solutions in ways that can genuinely transform businesses."

So strong is the belief in partnerships at Onecom that Beardsley says the company's proudest achievement of the last 12 months "the way we empowered customers to deal with the challenges of the pandemic, including the ability to work in an agile way."

Onecom worked closely with many firms to help them make it through the last year, including some who had to change the way they work overnight: "From organisations which needed to remain connected to protect vulnerable people, through to large scale transformations fast-tracked because of the challenging circumstances, we recognise the difference our teams and our technology have made. We have customers with impressive and critical missions, and it further reinforces the reason we exist and the difference we can make when we work in partnership."

Looking forward to the next 12 months, Beardsley says it will all be about "constant evolution in everything we do."

"This applies to the way we train our teams, the way we look to grow our business and build on our expertise organically and through other means, and the way we evolve the platforms and products we offer our customers. Our OneCloud portal is one example of this - we continue to innovate, adding features and integrations to constantly exceed customer expectations."

Before that, of course, come the Cloud Excellence Awards themselves: this Thursday, the 23rd September. They will be Computing's first physical event in nearly two years, and Beardsley and the rest of the Onecom team are looking forward to celebrating in-person:

"We are fortunate to work in an incredibly exciting industry at a time of fast-paced change, and events like the Cloud Excellence Awards are an opportunity for all of us all to recognise and celebrate the incredible achievements and constant forward motion of businesses working in the cloud space. That's especially relevant given how technology has become more crucial than ever to businesses during the challenges of the pandemic.

"Plus, of course, we are looking forward to getting together in person, meeting up with other people in the industry and having a great time together!"

The Cloud Excellence Awards take place at the Montcalm Marble Arch in London this Thursday, the 23rd September. Click here to book your place.

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