Identity and Access Management Hub

PwC and Okta solve Identity and Access Management challenges: PwCIdentity and Access Management (IAM) complex area. Businesses often have multiple IAM solutions in place and integrating these in a way that is easy to use, without compromising on security, can be a challenge.

As the ongoing effects of the Covid-19 pandemic continue to accelerate digital transformation, and tougher data security regulations puts greater pressure on organisations, they are quickly realising robust IAM is as much about user experience and manageability as it is cyber security.  

This hub, in partnership with Okta, will explore the range of issues affecting IT leaders at various stages of their IAM journeys. With a particular focus on the fintech and financial services industries, it will delve into both the opportunities and the barriers when it comes to IAM adoption, what IT pros are doing to ensure ease of use, and how all of this can help them win over users.  

It will also ask how organisations can look beyond regulatory compliance and see IAM as an opportunity for innovation.