"Like attracts like": To attract women you have to celebrate them, says Capgemini's Rachel Greedy

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Video: "When we have more women in senior or very technical roles in the IT industry, more women will come."

The world is in the middle of a hiring crisis, a situation that is only exacerbating the tech industry's existing skills gap. In light of this, it makes sense for hiring managers to look beyond their traditional practices - opening the door to an untapped pool of new recruits. 

Computing's Women in Tech campaign highlights the achievements and potential of women in the technology industry, who for too long have been overlooked or even passed over.

Rachel Greedy, head of delivery at Capgemini UK, is "absolutely passionate" about initiatives like the Women in Tech campaign, which recognise talented women across the world.

"It is all too easy to be really modest as women, and to overlook or not prioritise celebrating our fantastic achievements across the tech industry. These campaigns really benefit us as companies and individuals...in terms of attracting female talent."

Tech is often cited as one of the least diverse industries; men dominate at nearly every level, especially in the most senior roles. Changing this is key to changing recruitment.

"Like attracts like. When we have more women in senior or very technical roles in the IT industry, more women will come. They will recognise that that's perfectly normal for that company, and it definitely helps in terms of attracting more women. We need to work for companies that look, externally, like the kind of company that we can identify with.

We also need to be more public about the women in our companies; the women who work in our IT businesses across the industry. Senior women and women working in deeply technical roles have an absolute duty of care to be really vocal about it, because that will inspire more women who are just starting out on their own career journey to come join us."

Watch the video now to hear more from Rachel, including her top tips for women entering the tech industry today.

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