Elasticity is key for cloud success, says Turbonomic

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Elasticity is key for cloud success, says Turbonomic

Elasticity is key for cloud success, says Turbonomic

The company’s approach to cloud prompted an IBM acquisition in June this year

The cloud industry has gone through a period of massive growth, which doesn't seem set to slow. Scaling, however, remains a challenge and can lead to performance issues if handled poorly.

"Most organisations overprovision their environments in a hope to avoid performance issues. This doesn't guarantee a performant environment, and it ends up costing incredible sums of money," says Turbonomic's principal product manager, Rick Ochs.

Turbonomic - a finalist in the Cloud Excellence Awards 2021 - specialises in addressing this challenge. It develops application resource management (ARM) software, helping to balance performance and cost across hybrid and public cloud environments in a dynamic, elastic fashion

"Using the economic principles of supply and demand, our real time analytics engine can generate and execute resourcing actions when and how you want them - whether that's automatically, manually, scheduled, or taken as part of an approval workflow," says Ochs.

Rick Ochs
Rick Ochs is principal product manager at Turbonomic

He continues, "The cloud industry is innovating at a rapid pace. New technology is a daily occurrence, and it's an exciting time to be part of the IT ecosystem. As every company looks to become a technology company, the use of automation and analytics products is crucial to ensure everyone maximises the business value of the cloud."

Turbonomic's approach is built around automation, easing cloud scaling and elasticity. That differentiation caught IBM's eye earlier this year, and in June Big Blue turned a long-standing partnership into an acquisition. The team is excited about what this means for the future:

"Turbonomic has spent over a decade working alongside our customers to modernise their legacy virtual environments as they journey into new domains like public cloud, cloud-native, and the edge. Now, with the global reach of IBM, we are incredibly well-positioned to deliver even more value to customers and continue our mission."

Turbonomic is already using its position as a member of IBM's portfolio, intending to build "an AI-powered one-stop automation shop." Later this year the company will launch full automation and scaling support for Google Cloud, as well as AWS' relational database service.

That's still to come, though. For now, the company is looking forward to next week's Cloud Excellence Awards, where it hopes to secure a win in the Best Cloud Automation Solution category.

"These events help put a spotlight on the organisations that are successfully pushing the industry forward - they recognise the best and brightest in a rapidly evolving space in technology."

Good luck to Turbonomic, and all other finalists at the Cloud Excellence Awards. Click here to book your place at the Montcalm Marble Arch on the 23rd September.

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