Carl Stokes - Head of IT and Business Programme Management, NHBC

Stuart Sumner
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Carl Stokes - Head of IT and Business Programme Management, NHBC

What's your proudest work-related achievement of the last 12 months?

I've championed two inter-related transformation programmes which are now at the early stages of implementation, and I'm leading these as business sponsor. One is an end-to-end review of our processes and work practices using Lean with a laser focus on customer experience. As part of this programme we'll replace our IT platform using the new processes as a blueprint.

The other is our creation of a data strategy - I believe all businesses should have one - and this is leading to some exciting developments including innovative use of ML/AI. I can't go into more detail at this stage but these are absolutely aligned with our strategic objectives and we believe we will make a real difference for our customers.

What's the number one skill today's IT leaders need?

Can I have three? Vision, stakeholder engagement and authentic leadership. You need to scan the horizon and then articulate what's possible with technology in business terms, bring your stakeholders along in full support of your vision so you can validate and iterate, and then have people in your team who are given the space to be the best they can be. Crack all three of these and you'll help your business thrive. 

How many people work in IT in your organisation?

There are 80 people in the team. 

What's your top priority for the next 12 months?

Driving these transformation programmes - so much so that my role has been broadened to include them. 

What's your annual IT budget?

Budget is £11m - because NHBC recognises it is vitally important to invest in technology, digital and data innovation. 

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