Industry Voice: The evolution of the Intel vPro® platform

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At Intel, we've done a lot of work exploring what people value in a PC. What comes back again and again—and it's true for me too—is that the PC has become the go-to tool for work. We hear from everyone that it's what they turn to when they want to focus, be productive, and collaborate.

As companies continue their digital transformation, those usages and needs are only taking on greater meaning and importance. I consider it our job to make sure that as work and the workplace evolve, we anticipate and deliver the technology people need to do their best work.

The Intel vPro® platform is a key part of that vision. We introduced the Intel vPro platform more than 10 years ago now and we've learned a great deal since then about our customers and the platform. That starts with identifying which features and capabilities are working for users and which ones perhaps need to be refined or reimagined for today's rapidly changing business environment. When we considered what has made the Intel vPro platform such a relied-upon business platform over the years, we could see quite clearly that performance, manageability, stability, and security are incredibly important facets of what has made the platform successful. They remain central to our vision.

Our vision for the Intel vPro platform

These days, every customer I talk with is trying to navigate their company's digital transformation. The next generation of the Intel vPro platform must serve that mission.

Strengthening security

What is our customers' most commonly cited pain point today? If you said security, you probably share that struggle. They have to manage their networks, but more than ever they know they have to be able to do it securely. The threat landscape has changed, so the protection must change to address new risks, new vulnerabilities, and new areas in the business in need of better protection.

We've built our roadmap with that crucial goal in mind. We want to make sure that the Intel vPro platform is going to continue to evolve and provide great security features. Part of the response is through Intel Hardware Shield. If there is an attack outside of the software, we want BIOS hardening to add that extra layer of support. We're making sure that the Intel vPro platform offers the validation and enablement people need for that extra security.

Building in predictive analytics

The other thing we've heard loud and clear from IT departments and solution providers is that they want a way to be predictive about the problems that they face. To deliver on that expectation, we must address how we build in predictive analytics so that, on the one hand, end users can apply personal solutions to their systems and, on the other, IT professionals can better control security breaches and performance issues.

Both IT and end users are looking for an improved experience—and that elusive peace of mind. Our Intel vPro platform roadmap, and many of our features, are intended to enable the highest level of performance and experience. And it seeks to do it in a more secure way.

Future-proofing the platform

Our engagement with our customers also revealed that they want a future-proof platform. They have to be able to count on it right out of the box. At the same time, it should still be compatible with different solutions and services in the marketplace. That means being up to date with the latest software, whether the newest Windows 10 release or a new security agent. It means firmware updates, getting things out to them as seamlessly as possible and educating them on how to make their systems actually work better with an IT load that has a way of slowing things down.

Customers need to be confident that the system will keep up with the new agents addressing security and new software. The same goes for hardware, which should take advantage of all the latest and greatest software and bring all those solutions to life. We've taken that intelligence and incorporated it into our vision for the Intel vPro platform, blending software and hardware on a platform that truly is built for business.

Built for the next generation of business

If you're in business today, you simply want a PC that supports your needs more securely, quickly, and with as few headaches as possible. You want peace of mind. I'm excited about working with our customers and our partners over the next few years to continue adding to the Intel vPro platform. For example, look for us to evolve Intel Hardware Shield to include threat detection, memory encryption, and better protect even more of the system.

Intel has been delivering the Intel vPro platform for a long time. Today, we have more than 130 million units in the field helping companies achieve their goals and better protect their businesses. But we're not done. We are going to continue to listen, learn, and innovate. That's how we're going to power the next generation of the Intel vPro platform to power the next generation of business.

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