Industry Voice: A Unified Security Strategy for a Strong Digital Foundation

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Industry Voice: A Unified Security Strategy for a Strong Digital Foundation

Today's fragmented approach to security isn't working.

So what approach should you be taking? And what alternatives are out there for organisations looking to secure their data in a world where cybercrime is now offered as-a-service?

Unified Security

VMware's security strategy is a unified, holistic approach that enables organisations to overcome the challenges associated with traditional, bolted-on, siloed, and threat-centric systems.

Influenced by the Zero Trust model created by former Forrester VP & Senior Analyst, John Kindervag, VMware's security strategy works on the basic principle that you should "never trust, always verify".

Research shows that 60% of ransomware now targets critical infrastructure.

Integrating VMware security solutions into an organisation's virtualisation layer allows security teams to protect the locations most vulnerable to cyberthreats: endpoints, workloads, network, workspace (identity), and cloud.

And it's economical, allowing you to use what you already have in new ways, so you can unite data, tools, and teams, operate faster, and work more effectively.

Endpoint protection

A common challenge for security teams is a lack of visibility into users and devices, as well as limited reporting of active threats - a major issue when trying to secure an anywhere workforce accessing the corporate network on a range of personal devices.

VMware Carbon Black Cloud is a cloud-native, Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) that combines intelligent system hardening with behavioural prevention. It investigates attacks in  real-time across any app, cloud, and device and replaces and extends traditional
antivirus (AV) solutions.

It helps you shine a light on vulnerable endpoint locations previously hidden to security teams, giving full visibility into the attack chain, so you can quickly shut down the next threat before it even starts.

These capabilities are game-changing, as they can help you quickly shift from a reactive security posture to a position of strength. By streamlining the detection, prevention, and response of cyberthreats, IT and security teams can minimise disruption, address any security gaps, and keep workers productive and protected.

Workload protection

The benefits of moving to the cloud are well-known but few organisations are ready for the extra complexity and increased security risks it brings to their workloads. And as complexity is the biggest obstacle to a successful security strategy, it makes sense for organisations to choose a more simplified approach.

VMware Carbon Black Cloud Workload is designed to be built into a company's infrastructure and runs as an agentless plug-in on VMware vSphere. It enables IT and security teams to work together using sophisticated software to harden workloads and servers and stop data breaches before they can have a negative impact on your business.

A multi-layered approach

VMware security works so well because it wraps 5 layers of protection around the data and applications, including:

  • Authentication and access control
  • User behaviour analytics and reporting
  • Asset and data classification
  • Configuration hardening
  • Logical segmentation

With security checks at every layer, VMware solutions can help you achieve a Zero Trust model where no user or device is ever trusted by default.

Traditional security is broken. Fix it with VMware Carbon Black Cloud.

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