'User experience in hybrid cloud - what you see is what you get': now available on demand

Peter Gothard
'User experience in hybrid cloud - what you see is what you get': now available on demand

Catch the highlights from our recent live panel debate with CA Technologies

Our latest live panel debate with CA Technologies, entitled User experience in hybrid cloud - what you see is what you get is now available on-demand.

It was a lively discussion, in which our panel of four got to grips with the realities of migrating to a hybrid cloud infrastructure - with a particular focus on the importance of user experience.


Duncan Bradford, vice president for EMEA presales at CA Technologies, put the case that "to succeed in digital transformation, you need to deliver a fantastic user experience".

"If you're using software to enhance your brand, your user experience is the difference between a runaway success and an epic failure," he said. 

The basis for Duncan's argument was around the increasing need for democratisation of cloud within the business as more and more end users from different areas need hands-on control.

Luckily, Computing's own Sooraj Shah was on hand to compare those claims with our own research.


Having found migration of business-critical applications into the public cloud now standing at 27 per cent of the IT professionals we questioned, Sooraj also revealed that well over 60 per cent of IT professionals rate management and monitoring of a cloud infrastructure very important to their daily work.

Sooraj also pointed out that roles focusing on managing technology vendor contracts and relationships are now becoming a trend - showing a closer focus on outsourcing critical operations with an expectation of a no-nonsense end user experience.


Behind Every Cloud MD Ray Bricknell built on these findings, expressing the view that a customer experience is now entirely dependent on a real-time view of a "system some else has provided for you".

"Your whole experience is now dependent on this guy behind you, giving you a service".


A live audience member attempted to throw a curve ball at the whole conversation, asking if the entire conversation was moot because cost-saving around cloud had been previously "debunked".

Duncan admitted that cloud sprawl and right-sizing could cost more money, but with the correct policies and machine tagging, under-utilisation can be better tracked by the vendor.

With much more discussed besides, head over to the on-demand stream right now and catch up with the rest of the debate!