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US critical infrastructure unprepared for cyber attack - report

Cooling towers at a nuclear power station
Survey from Unisys and the Ponemon Institute indicates patchy preparedness of cyber attack
15 Jul 2014

US utility control systems hacked, claims Department of Homeland Security

Hackers accessed utility control systems via internet portal protected only by 'simple' passwords
21 May 2014

Going with the flow: an interview with Severn Trent Water CIO Myron Hrycyk

Peter Gothard hears how Severn Trent Water is riding the enterprise mobility wave and tapping into predictive analytics
13 May 2014

UK organisations second most targeted by APTs in Europe, according to FireEye study

Number of unique infections more than tripled from January to December 2013, FireEye study finds
30 Apr 2014

Energy firms 'increasingly vulnerable to catastrophic cyber attacks'

Marsh report warns industrial control systems leaving 'open door' for hackers
18 Mar 2014

Smart meters: an IT disaster waiting to happen?

Smart meters are finally ready to roll out across the UK. But is the selected system ‘the next major government IT disaster’?
10 Jan 2014

Power mad: how uncertainty over UK energy policy is harming the data centre business

Growing uncertainty over energy pricing is pushing data centres overseas – just as cloud computing is taking off
11 Oct 2013

Case Study: AES Electropaulo works with SAP to streamline billing process

£3.3m investment will benefit one million people by the end of 2013, says AES CIO Antonio Narvaez
23 Sep 2013

Will the UK's looming energy shortages send cloud computing overseas?

In just a few years time, most of the UK’s coal, oil and nuclear power stations will be closed – leaving the UK perilously close to brownouts
23 Jul 2013

SAS brings a brighter outlook for British Gas customers

British Gas’s Steve Mcgivern tells Danny Palmer how a new SAS data analytics solution is helping the energy giant provide better customer service
09 Jul 2013

Thames Water issues €60m tender for industrial control systems and services

Contract split into two lots, with an initial duration of three years
28 Jun 2013

Computing research: Industrial control systems under attack

The systems controlling our nuclear facilities could be 20 years old and unpatched. What could possibly go wrong? John Leonard and Danny Palmer investigate
06 Mar 2013

Analysis: The era of geopolitical cyber wars

The ‘scramble for Africa’ indirectly led to the First World War. Will the ‘scramble for the internet’ provoke the Third World War?
18 Feb 2013

Analysis: Industrial control systems under attack

Society relies on power grids and nuclear plants, but the systems used to control them could have an avalanche of cyber-attacks coming their way. Sooraj Shah finds out why
18 Sep 2012

EDF Energy selects Atos for £100m datacentre services deal

10-year contract to improve resilience and flexibility of IT infrastructure
21 Mar 2012

National Grid Metering seeks new ERP system

The new system will support its Industrial and Commercial business
14 Feb 2012

National Grid plans £3.5m data analytics project

Data will be visualised within a geospatial context
16 Jan 2012

Bang goes the boiler

02 Dec 2011

Smart meters: the real winners and losers

29 Nov 2011

Energy giants give users more control over their consumption

British Gas and E.ON talk about the technology behind their respective smart meter rollouts
14 Nov 2011

Smart meter rollout presents numerous technical challenges

The task facing the UK’s energy suppliers is daunting given the technical complexity involved and the consequences of getting it wrong
14 Nov 2011

The 26 million meter dash

The race to implement smart metering is on, but are utility suppliers aided or hampered by the absence of precise technology requirements?
14 Nov 2011

Haven Power uses public cloud for disaster recovery

Energy company has chosen Amazon Web Services for its DR requirements, and will also use it for R&D
07 Nov 2011

ENISA teams up with US to test EU cyber security

Agency attempts to attack member states' defences with advanced persistent threats in first joint EU-US cyber security exercise
04 Nov 2011