Latest Fibre articles

Switching ISPs "too much hassle" say nearly half of consumers

Ofcom says "gaining provider" should be responsible for service switching
10 Sep 2010

New device gives optical fibre capacity boost

Project device increases transmission capacity and reduces energy consumption of optical fibre
09 Sep 2010

Openreach wants comms providers to nominate exchanges for upgrade

It's a broadband beauty contest, says analyst.
03 Sep 2010

UK broadband rollout in line with global competition, says ITU

ITU secretary-general says broadband "transformational to economic and social progress"
02 Sep 2010

Fibrecity offers Dundee residents 100Mbit/s FTTH

Fibrecity is using sewerage system to connect residents
01 Sep 2010

Virgin Media upgrades business fibre network offerings

Point-to-point network services speeds increased to 10Gbit/s
13 Aug 2010

Bournemouth sewer-based broadband contract cancelled

Wessex Water cites commercial and technical reasons for dropping sewer-based FTTH rollout, but project will complete using other methods
13 Aug 2010

Rural broadband providers welcome BT agreement to release data

Telecoms giant to supply postcodes of areas earmarked for superfast broadband
04 Aug 2010

BT revenue down four per cent, but profits rise

Operating costs slashed by £291m
29 Jul 2010

Virgin Media to deliver broadband over telegraph poles

A Welsh village will receive Virgin Media 50Mbit/s broadband
27 Jul 2010

Obstacles to broadband rollout are significant, says industry

Problems include lack of funding and issues around the sharing of utilities
16 Jul 2010

Network provider calls on BT to reveal FTTC postcodes

Fibrestream boss wants Ofcom the put pressure on the telecoms giant
01 Jun 2010

Can BT cure the UK's fibre deficiency?

The telecoms giant has pledged to invest a further £1bn in high-speed broadband, but experts warn that its plans still fall well short of what the country needs
18 May 2010

BT to invest extra £1bn in fibre rollout

2009-10 financial results drive more FTTC investment
13 May 2010

Q&A: Hartwig Tauber, FTTH Council Europe managing director

The UK and Europe are falling behind countries such as Japan and the US
16 Apr 2010

BT to rollout FTTC to 303 new exchanges

Meaning four million customers will have fibre connections
30 Mar 2010

Tories blow smoke over high-speed broadband

Manifesto mistakenly compares next-generation fibre speeds with Digital Britain's universal service commitment
12 Mar 2010

New body aims to make Digital Britain vision a reality

But experts say Broadband Delivery UK may lack sufficient funds
05 Mar 2010

Supreme Court decision in Vtesse vs BT to have huge bearing on competition in the fibre optic market

A BT victory is likely to put off new entrants to the market
16 Feb 2010

Has BT opened the way to universal NGA broadband?

BT’s decision to give competitors access to its infrastructure brings the prospect of a UK-wide next-generation network a step closer. But as Dave Bailey reports, there is still some way to go
16 Feb 2010

Manchester to get 100Mbit/s optical fibre network

Fibre provider Geo to roll out fibre-to-the-premises to businesses and homes
14 Jan 2010

Search for killer app slowing NGA investment

Build it and they will come says head of Communications Consumer Panel
26 Nov 2009

BT launches third FTTC broadband trial

Glasgow businesses get to experience 40Mbit/s download and 2Mbit/s upload speeds
04 Nov 2009

Business network capacity set to explode

One in 10 businesses prepare to double their network bandwidth by 2010, while half plan 20 to 50 per cent increase, says survey
15 Oct 2009