Latest Fibre articles

BT to propel N Ireland into the high-speed fibre big league

Region set to become one of the best connected areas in Europe
21 Feb 2011

Fibre tax appeal thrown out by European Court

Vtesse Networks loses out again as its appeal is dismissed
11 Feb 2011

Will fibre-through-the-air save the UK taxpayer billions?

Barlow Robbins LLP's Brett Farrell
New technology to be unveiled this month at Mobile World Congress
01 Feb 2011

Cisco CEO says Prime Minister 'really gets the importance of technology'

John Chambers also predicts the 'connected economy' will deliver unprecedented increases in productivity
01 Feb 2011

Head of pioneering internet research says UK broadband in dire need of capacity boost

Photonics HyperHighway project aims to make broadband 100 times faster
31 Jan 2011

World Economic Forum Round Up: Cloud dominated discussions

BT CIO Clive Selley shares his thoughts on the WEF in Davos
28 Jan 2011

Advertising watchdog to sniff out ISP porkies

ASA to check the veracity of speed and unlimited usage claims
27 Jan 2011

Ofcom wholesale price plan unlikely to lead to cheaper rural broadband, ISP exec warns

Timico's Trefor Davies suggests ISPs may just pocket the additional margin
25 Jan 2011

Martha Lane Fox hopes cheap PCs will end digital divide

Campaigner launches scheme offering recycled PCs for £98
17 Jan 2011

Vtesse Networks CEO attacks government's stance on fibre taxes

Reveals government may give ISPs that have made a loss on their fibre exemption from tax
14 Jan 2011

BT reveals pricing proposals for duct and pole access

Following an industry consultation, BT's Openreach has said it will launch the service this summer
14 Jan 2011

Project brings fast broadband to North Yorkshire Moors communities

School in Gillamoor to beam 6Mbit/s broadband to homes and firms within a nine-mile radius
13 Jan 2011

BT to roll out fibre broadband to 41 market towns

Up to 300,000 businesses and consumers will benefit from the deployment
12 Jan 2011

BT increases Infinity by one

Six winners announced for super-fast broadband race
04 Jan 2011

Scotland gets broadband boost

Major projects have been announced for Clackmannanshire and the Shetland Islands
23 Dec 2010

Welsh MP attacks UK government over broadband plans

Shadow Business Minister Ian Lucas has accused the government of neglecting Wales by refusing to allocate funding for super-fast broadband
21 Dec 2010

Broadband plans announced for Digital Wales

The Welsh Assembly Government aims to bring superfast broadband to all businesses by 2016
10 Dec 2010

Resort capitalises on Ryder Cup's IT legacy

Celtic Manor uses Virgin Media Business fibre-optic ring and videoconferencing facilities to open up new revenue streams
02 Dec 2010

European broadband improving, but more needs to be done

European Commission highlights 16 per cent jump in broadband speeds, but Ofcom and government need to align efforts
26 Nov 2010

BT calls for local government support to roll out fibre broadband

Payback period of more than a decade means BT needs partners to roll out super-fast broadband
04 Nov 2010

BT steps up apprenticeship scheme

200 more positions offered as BT focuses on rolling out fibre broadband via Openreach
25 Oct 2010

BT refuses to connect remote communities

BT says that exchanges below the 1,000 customer threshold will not be considered for super-fast broadband
04 Oct 2010

BT to roll out high speed broadband in Cornwall in £132 million project

Local businesses to have access to fibre broadband by 2014
30 Sep 2010

Vaizey launches Alston community superfast broadband

Remote Cumbrian parish rolls out self-installed next-generation fibre network
20 Sep 2010