Latest Fibre articles

BT doubles fibre-to-the-premises rollout

2.5 million homes and businesses to get direct fibre connections
09 Oct 2009

BT announces fibre-to-the-premises trial

But UK still lags in fibre to the home compared to other OECD countries
01 Oct 2009

Bournemouth residents get extra fibre

Self-service portal allows customers to choose ISPs and content
23 Sep 2009

UK lags behind in fibre broadband

Sweden tops fibre-to-the-home rollout league - France, Germany, and the UK fail to register in top 10
08 Sep 2009

Glasgow to have superfast broadband by autumn

BT Openreach accelerates installation schedule to give 15,500 homes fibre broadband by the end of the year
17 Aug 2009

BT's superfast broadband rollout slowed by residents' protest

Telecoms giant working to resolve complaints over street cabinets obstructing pavements in Muswell Hill conservation area
07 Aug 2009

How secure is an optical-fibre network?

What should IT leaders consider when looking at optical network security?
05 Aug 2009

Hampshire and Isle of Wight upgrades network infrastructure

£90m contract to "transform public service delivery"
23 Jul 2009

69 more towns to receive superfast fibre broadband

BT announces next round of high-speed service rollout
09 Jul 2009

BT fibre trials herald an era of innovation

A new era in communications began on Monday as BT went live with the first two operational trials deploying superfast fibre-optic broadband connectivity
09 Jul 2009

BT's fibre-optic broadband rollout starts today

Openreach fibre product being trialled by ISPs in Muswell Hill, North London, and Whitchurch near Cardiff
06 Jul 2009

Next phase of BT's superfast broadband rollout starts on Monday

More than one million homes will be able to access next-generation, fibre-based services by March 2010
02 Jul 2009

2Mbit/s not enough for UK broadband

Is fibre to the home (FTTH) the key to building Digital Britain? We ask the president of the FTTH Council
19 Jun 2009

Ofcom starts last stage before high-speed broadband rollout

Final consultation commences on BT’s multibillion-pound fibre-optic network plans
12 Jun 2009

Q&A: Phil Male - Cable & Wireless worldwide operations director

Cable & Wireless operations director Phil Male thinks that the government's Digital Britain plans need to focus more on business.
03 Jun 2009

Slow progress in high-speed rollout drops UK to 11th in broadband league

UK fifth in total broadband numbers, but per-capita measure shows the gap
22 May 2009

South Yorkshire to receive superfast broadband

A next-generation fibre network for the region is rubber-stamped by government, with funding from the EU
23 Apr 2009

BT announces next super-fast broadband rollouts

Next locations in line for fibre connectivity announced, but BT says it needs more regulatory "green lights" from Ofcom
23 Mar 2009

BT gets the go ahead to invest in super-fast broadband

Regulator Ofcom will let the telecoms giant charge what it likes for fibre-based services
03 Mar 2009

UK is nowhere in fibre networks league table

UK risks losing competitive advantage due to lack of optical fibre networks
12 Feb 2009

Government lays out Digital Britain proposals

Interim report intended to provide the blueprint for a digital economy
29 Jan 2009

Could recession force government U-turn on optical-fibre rollout?

Lord Carter hints at a change of plan for supporting next-generation broadband
14 Jan 2009

Q&A - ntl:Telewest Business managing director Stephen Beynon

The cable provider's chief talks about the future of next-generation broadband access in the UK
28 Nov 2008