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Logicalis acquires 2e2’s European operations for £20.7m

Two people shaking hands
Logicalis takes on board 480 of 2e2's European employees and takes 70 former 2e2 staff on in the UK
04 Mar 2013

Bankrupt 2e2 stored user data in third-party datacentres

Customers 'ought to have known', says Onyx CEO Neil Stephenson
01 Mar 2013

Down and out: lessons of the 2e2 saga

When a company like 2e2 goes into administration, datacentre users can find just how few rights they have. Graeme Burton examines the options
19 Feb 2013

Southeastern rejects 'grossly undervalued' Dell buyout

Dell's biggest external shareholder says $13.65 per share is 'woefully inadequate'
12 Feb 2013

2e2: pay up £1m now or we close the datacentre

Migrating data and software from Gateshead and Reading datacentres could take 16 weeks, claims bust company's administrator
08 Feb 2013

Bang, and the server is gone...

Disgruntled Frost & Sullivan employee sabotaged servers by spraying them with Cillit Bang
05 Feb 2013

Research: Virtualisation and the rise of audit anxiety in the datacentre

Audits have increased with the rise of virtualisation technology, spreading fear and loathing in the datacentre. John Leonard highlights the areas where IT leaders are most likely to come a cropper
23 Jan 2013

University of Cumbria issues £3m tender for IT infrastructure service

Six-year deal to replace 'end of life' on-premise datacentre
08 Nov 2012

In the eye of the storm: How PEER1 kept its datacentre running throughout Hurricane Sandy

Cloud host PEER1 tells Computing how it kept its New York datacentre online throughout Hurricane Sandy
02 Nov 2012

Analysis: the datacentre’s new clothes

Is the software-defined datacentre the next big thing for enterprise IT, or yet another empty, overhyped marketing phrase?
01 Nov 2012

Apple starts work on Prineville datacentre

State-of-the-art facility to support growth of Apple's iCloud service - and is just over the road from Facebook's own facility
22 Oct 2012

IPEXPO: Focus on change now needed to leverage the data centre of the future

Panel at industry event tackles what data centres will look like in the future, and concludes that training is critical
19 Oct 2012

Facebook puts old pics and vids into 'cold storage'

New facility intended to cut the cost of long-term storage of infrequently accessed data
18 Oct 2012

Flash-based SSDs 'making headway' in the datacentre, claims Scott Dietzen

Applications will need a rewrite, though, to take full advantage of Flash
18 Oct 2012

The shape of datacentres to come: greener, leaner and, much, much bigger

The datacentres of the future will need to be markedly more energy efficient, while corporate computing needs will increasingly be split between essential applications managed in-house and applications delivered 'in the cloud'
18 Oct 2012

Edinburgh Airport selects Onyx datacentre for 'expertise and local presence'

Five-year deal worth in the region of £3m
08 Oct 2012

It’s all in the detail – just what is cloud recovery all about?

11 Sep 2012

Power plays: how enterprises can combat soaring energy bills

With datacente power costs becoming an ever-greater drain on corporate budgets, Graeme Burton explores how organisations can rein in their energy consumption
05 Sep 2012

Beating physics – latency doesn’t have to be an issue

07 Aug 2012

Computing IT skills survey 2012

John Leonard reviews the skills that IT professionals should be adding to their armoury
01 Aug 2012

The most important skill to master

If you were to advise an IT newcomer to learn just one skill, what would it be? Computing readers advise
20 Jul 2012

Green IT saves government £1.3m in 12 months

Annual Greening Government ICT report reveals successful energy efficiency measures undertaken by 12 departments
04 Jul 2012

Bad decisions + blocked drains = disaster

19 Jun 2012

Computing research: the many faces of IT disaster

From hardware failures to defecating pigeons, Computing examines multifarious threats facing datacentre managers
24 May 2012