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Driving down costs and carbon emissions at the University of St Andrews

Steven Watt CIO University of St Andrews
Steven Watt, CIO at the University of St Andrews, talks to Computing’s Graeme Burton about an IT consolidation and virtualisation project that has enabled the 600-year-old institution to cut both costs and power consumption
04 Sep 2013

Is the writing on the wall for the in-house data centre?

While more and more organisations are happy to rely on third parties to run their core systems, talk of the imminent demise of the in-house data centre is wide of the mark
03 Sep 2013

Green data centres can take the heat

It isn’t solar panels and wind turbines that are making data centres greener, but technology enabling servers to run reliably at higher temperatures, says Graeme Burton
02 Sep 2013

'IT managers at SMEs to be made redundant in five years'

Technicians will disappear too as firms virtualise their environments, claims City Lifeline MD Roger Keenan
20 Aug 2013

Unemployed graduates to help plug 'major' data centre skills gap

Data Centre Alliance to run a 10-day Data Centre Bootcamp to help graduates and the industry
13 Aug 2013

'Google, Amazon and Facebook will gobble up cloud competition' - Trainline IS Director

Josko Grljevic believes the future will be dominated by big cloud providers
09 Aug 2013

Data centre budgets and public cloud adoption on the rise, says report

Uptime Institute research reveals 77 per cent of businesses saw data centre budgets grow in the last year
09 Aug 2013

Met Office mines big data to predict solar storms

The Met Office is crunching data to predict the risks astronomical weather poses to the UK. Portfolio Technical Lead James Tomkins tells Danny Palmer how MongoDB is key to forecasting
06 Aug 2013

Smartphones and wearables to power the enterprise of the future

Computing's readership gives its predictions as to the predominant business devices of the coming years
24 Jul 2013

Will the UK's looming energy shortages send cloud computing overseas?

In just a few years time, most of the UK’s coal, oil and nuclear power stations will be closed – leaving the UK perilously close to brownouts
23 Jul 2013

Opinion: Fibre is good for you, but not when it's taxed

David Barker of 4D Data Centres argues that the government's fibre tax rules are confusing, and anti-competitive
28 Jun 2013

Footballers accused over data centre tax avoidance scheme

Arsene Wenger, Roy Hodgson and Wayne Rooney all named over scheme that cost taxpayers £52m
21 Jun 2013

Top 10 cloud, data centre and big data stories of 2013 so far

Computing looks back at the most important data related stories of the past six months
14 Jun 2013

McLaren and IO partner to develop greener data centres

Data centre provider to draw on F1 experience to make systems more energy efficient
07 Jun 2013

Wargaming prepares for World of Warplanes with Equinix data centre expansion

World of Tanks developer to use Frankfurt data centre as it prepares for new releases
03 Jun 2013

Dimension Data to provide infrastructure support for London Gateway

ICT solutions provider to install data centre architecture and physical infrastructure
03 Jun 2013

Technology that drives success: An interview with Trader Media’s CIO, Tim Jones

As Trader Media Group prepares to publish the very last print edition of Auto Trader magazine, CIO Tim Jones tells Sooraj Shah about the next stage in the company’s ambitious multi-platform digital strategy
16 May 2013

Avere Systems keeps CGI specialists Framestore rolling

Framestore CTO Stephen MacPherson tells Computing how Avere storage filers keeps the visual effects studio running
15 May 2013

Research: the autonomous data centre is far from dead

Despite rumours of its imminent demise, all the signs are that the company-owned data centre is part of a hybrid computing future
02 May 2013

FA hopes to score with new technology

Sooraj Shah hears how technology has helped the FA develop some of the best facilities in the world for players, coaches and supporters
30 Apr 2013

Nine out of 10 companies in Europe plan data centre expansion

UK the epicentre of an EU-wide data centre building boom
18 Apr 2013

Green light for National Grid’s cloud move

UK IT Industry Awards winner Kevin Green talks to Danny Palmer about the National Grid’s ongoing project to migrate its datacentres to the cloud
03 Apr 2013

‘Give us £1m or your data gets it!’: lessons of the 2e2 collapse

Would your outsourced data survive a 2e2-style collapse? Stuart Sumner talks to experts about what CIOs need to do to ensure business continuity
19 Mar 2013

Auto Trader’s potential shift to digital-only helped by datacentre switchover

Telecity Group's peering gives Auto Trader edge in SEO and user experiences, says CIO
13 Mar 2013