Google built up position with 'illegal network of agreements', claims Microsoft-backed industry group

Google Logo
Google uses anti-competitive practices to extend dominance from desktop to mobile operating systems, claims Microsoft-backed group
12 Feb 2013

Special report: Seeking clarity in a cloudier future

In the first of a two-part report, John Leonard tiptoes through the minefield of cloud service terms and SLAs and asks whether customers – especially SMEs – can expect a better deal in the future
07 Feb 2013

Levelling the playing field: open source in the public sector

The government says it wants open source solutions to compete on equal terms with proprietary alternatives, but are Whitehall and local authority IT departments still slanting the pitch in favour of the big software vendors?
05 Feb 2013

Analysis: Windows 8 greeted with apathy from many, enthusiasm from some

Danny Palmer looks at the reasons behind Windows 8’s sluggish uptake in the enterprise market, and hears why one major UK organisation is keen to buck the trend
04 Feb 2013

Hundreds of jobs on the line as 2e2 enters administration

Integrator has already closed 10 subsidiaries and axed 319 staff
29 Jan 2013

Research: Virtualisation and the rise of audit anxiety in the datacentre

Audits have increased with the rise of virtualisation technology, spreading fear and loathing in the datacentre. John Leonard highlights the areas where IT leaders are most likely to come a cropper
23 Jan 2013

Microsoft Office 2013 pre-release available for download

Professional Plus 2013 and Mac 2011 versions made available prior to expected launch in February
18 Jan 2013

Instagram to sell people's Christmas snaps under new privacy policy?

Facebook-owned image service to bring in new content policy on 16 January 2013
18 Dec 2012

Government CIO proposes 'App Store' structure for G-Cloud

Andy Nelson also wants to see better community feedback and service rating functionality
13 Dec 2012

Google to companies: Now you must pay for Google Apps

$50 per user annual fee will make things more 'straightforward' says company
07 Dec 2012

Microsoft to increase licence costs from December 1

Customers may be unaware of price hike
29 Nov 2012

Throwing brickbats: an interview with LEGO's Henrik Amsinck

LEGO CIO Henrik Amsinck vents his frustrations with SAP’s pricing and licensing policies, and explains why he’s taking a cautious approach to cloud computing
28 Nov 2012

Analysis: SAP stares down its licensing critics

Facing growing user unrest over maintenance payments for shelfware, among other issues, SAP UK’s Tim Noble last week advised customers to get around the negotiating table with their local SAP representatives
27 Nov 2012

SAP users frustrated over complex licensing and 'licence parking'

User group suggests ‘favouritism’ may exist, despite a firm company line from UK MD Tim Noble
19 Nov 2012

High Court rejects YouView trademark appeal

Court finds name 'confusingly similar' to billing service 'YourView'
15 Nov 2012

Microsoft files patent for camera-based content licence enforcement

Number of software licence users to be viewed remotely via webcam
12 Nov 2012

H4cked off: We don't need no IT control...

Even in the era of 'open standards' and 'open computing', IT giants don't seem able to give up their megalomaniacal desire for control
30 Oct 2012

Apple, Microsoft and Adobe accused of 'stonewalling' Australian IT pricing inquiry

Three firms refusing to appear before parliamentary committee
29 Oct 2012

Precision engineering: an interview with Buro Happold IT director Shaun Mundy

Buro Happold’s Shaun Mundy tells Graeme Burton how he grapples with Windows, ultrabooks and BYOD policies
25 Sep 2012

Microsoft launches Windows Server 2012

New server operating system focuses on cloud and multiple device management, says Microsoft
04 Sep 2012

Apple adds Samsung's flagship Galaxy SIII to injunction

Popular Samsung smartphones added to list of largely obsolete phones originally cited
04 Sep 2012

New Microsoft terms and conditions limit users’ legal options

Binding arbitration and class action waivers must be agreed to in order to keep using online services
04 Sep 2012

SAP agrees to pay Oracle $306m in damages

Oracle could also succeed in $1.3bn jury award being reinstated
03 Aug 2012

Analysis: UK aims to break curse of the patent trolls

As hoovering up IP and suing tech firms becomes a recognised business model, the UK is taking steps to keep the so-called patent trolls at bay
01 Aug 2012