SAP introduces 'partial termination' of unwanted licences, cutting SAP user costs

SAP building
Company still unwilling to allow 'licence parking', however
22 Aug 2013

Microsoft accuses Google of placing “impossible roadblocks” in front of Windows Phone YouTube app

“Their objections are nothing other than excuses” says Microsoft antitrust VP Howard
16 Aug 2013

E-book publishers object to US government restrictions on Apple price fixing

Apple iPad 4 vs Microsoft Surface Pro vs Google Nexus 10 iPad
Government seeks to 'improperly impose' extra restrictions that will 'effectively punish' publishers, they say
08 Aug 2013

Licensing consumes most IT budget, patching absorbs most time

Computing surveyed over 100 IT professionals about the biggest consumers of IT budgets and man hours
07 Aug 2013

Microsoft Build 2013: 'We want to move beyond numbered software versions, but we’re not there yet' says development VP

Despite company move to Cloud and SaaS, regular updates still not suitable for all software, says Somasegar
27 Jun 2013

Microsoft U-turns on Xbox One DRM policy after week-long negative public reaction

President of interactive business thanks users for “candid feedback”
20 Jun 2013

The mouse that roared: how the balance of power in IT is shifting

The combination of cloud computing and viable open source platforms is providing a welcome alternative for cost-conscious organisations – challenging both the major software vendors and the big services providers
12 Jun 2013

Is VDI viable for SMEs?

Vendors are aiming to create virtualised desktops suitable for small businesses, but do SMEs really have much to gain from adopting them
12 Jun 2013

Analysis: IT overhaul drives down costs for rail firms

Cloud, open source and SME services providers have all played a part in enabling the Association of Train Operating Companies to slash operational costs
16 May 2013

SAP users wasting £19bn through lack of consolidation, says report

HCL research says savings of 25 per cent possible with wiser instance deployment
10 May 2013

Microsoft aims to silence critics with Windows 8 redesign

Much-criticised Windows 8 to be revamped, Microsoft reveals, as OS passes 100 million licence sales
07 May 2013

NHS Hertfordshire takes up ownership of licensing compliance with Trustmarque

Trustmarque chosen two years after NHS's Microsoft Enterprise Agreement ended
30 Apr 2013

Interview: Sarah Leslie, Iglo Foods CIO

Sarah Leslie, CIO of Iglo Foods Group - which operates the Birds Eye brand in the UK - explains why she feels confident in outsourcing her data centres to the cloud in the post-2e2 era
29 Apr 2013

How to navigate the software licensing minefield

Software licensing has always had a reputation as a confusing and arcane “science”. But virtualisation and increased competition from cloud computing is making it a more complex issue than ever
18 Apr 2013

Microsoft and Foxconn sign patent agreement for Chrome devices

Microsoft to receive automatic royalties on patents in future
17 Apr 2013

Research: businesses adapt ERP to tackle diverse demands

Organisations are plugging in secondary systems to increase agility and local control
17 Apr 2013

Government unveils Open Standards Board to oversee IT strategy

Ten board members to help examine low-cost and open source IT solutions for the public sector
16 Apr 2013

Analysis: Microsoft feels heat from Office rivals

For the first time in almost two decades, Microsoft is facing a serious challenge in one of its core software cash cows: Microsoft Office
19 Mar 2013

Microsoft missing out 'on billions' without iPad version of Office

Company could stand to gain $2.5bn profit a year on iOS, says Morgan Stanley analyst
19 Feb 2013

Google built up position with 'illegal network of agreements', claims Microsoft-backed industry group

Google uses anti-competitive practices to extend dominance from desktop to mobile operating systems, claims Microsoft-backed group
12 Feb 2013

Special report: Seeking clarity in a cloudier future

In the first of a two-part report, John Leonard tiptoes through the minefield of cloud service terms and SLAs and asks whether customers – especially SMEs – can expect a better deal in the future
07 Feb 2013

Levelling the playing field: open source in the public sector

The government says it wants open source solutions to compete on equal terms with proprietary alternatives, but are Whitehall and local authority IT departments still slanting the pitch in favour of the big software vendors?
05 Feb 2013

Analysis: Windows 8 greeted with apathy from many, enthusiasm from some

Danny Palmer looks at the reasons behind Windows 8’s sluggish uptake in the enterprise market, and hears why one major UK organisation is keen to buck the trend
04 Feb 2013

Hundreds of jobs on the line as 2e2 enters administration

Integrator has already closed 10 subsidiaries and axed 319 staff
29 Jan 2013