Opinion: It should be standard to require standards

Chris Puttick
Given the hassle proprietary document formats cause, it’s a mystery why so many users still use them
02 Apr 2012

BSA tackles Rugby-based power company over unlicensed software

Converteam UK has to pay out more than £8,000
26 Mar 2012

Opinion: It’s time to open-source the Big Society

Dries Buytaert
The collaborative nature of open source means it’s a perfect match for the government
02 Mar 2012

Provident Financial saves £350,000 by deploying licence management tool

Loans provider says it was concerned it was overspending on software licences
01 Mar 2012

Success by planning for IT failure – part 1: Scope and scope creep

21 Feb 2012

If Maude was really serious about waste...

21 Feb 2012

Microsoft tightens rules for Office student discounts

Buyers will need to provide evidence of student or teacher status
13 Feb 2012

Oracle files for retrial in case against SAP

Copyright lawsuit dating back to 2007 set to rumble on
07 Feb 2012

Size matters when it comes to IT deals

23 Jan 2012

Microsoft sues retailer Comet

US software giant claims the retailer created and sold counterfeit Windows recovery CDs
05 Jan 2012

CIOs rail against vendor lock-in

A recent Computing survey reveals that many enterprise IT leaders feel hamstrung by the deals they have struck with vendors
04 Jan 2012

Welsh businesses support new gTLDs

Survey suggests businesses would welcome opportunity to use .wales or .cymru
10 Nov 2011

What Do You Mean When You Call A Supplier A “Strategic Partner”?

19 Oct 2011

Avoiding (awful) bad practice at audit time

18 Oct 2011

Belfast architects billed £33,000 for software theft

BSA clobbers Coogan & Co on behalf of Adobe, Autodesk and Microsoft
25 Aug 2011

BSA flushes out unlicensed software at plumbing firm

Software shenanigans cost Norman & Underwood over £19,000
11 Apr 2011

Canute and consumerisation

08 Mar 2011

How to cut waste through licence optimisation

Methods for organisations to eliminate non-essential software costs
08 Mar 2011

SAP files against $1.3bn damages in Oracle case

Oracle counter-files as SAP asks for new trial
25 Feb 2011

Sun service contracts “anti-competitive” says industry body

Service Industry Association broadens its complaint against Oracle
18 Feb 2011

File-sharing case begun by ACS Law must continue

Copyright owners have 14 days to join action in controversial file-sharing case, rules judge
09 Feb 2011

'Hacked' solicitor quits pursuit of file sharers

The solicitor that sent thousands of letters accusing people of illegally sharing pornographic movies has thrown in the towel
25 Jan 2011

Office Genuine Advantage is no more

Piracy programme has served its purpose, says Redmond
21 Dec 2010 unveils cloud database and free Chatter

Company makes announcements at its Dreamforce event is San Francisco
08 Dec 2010