Microsoft reveals four flavours of Server 2012, as well as licensing details

Windows Server 2012 Metro start screen
Enterprise and Small Business are gone, but what remains is 'simpler' says company
06 Jul 2012

European Parliament decisively rejects ACTA

European Parliament
Much-criticised Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement thrown out by MEPs
04 Jul 2012

Sale of ‘second-hand’ software licences legal, rules European court

Sale sign in window
European Court of Justice: EULAs prohibiting software resale unenforceable
03 Jul 2012

Cisco 'didn’t demonstrate value for money' says UK dairy firm switching to Avaya

Dairy Crest drops Cisco and Nortel and goes for the udder guys in new deal
29 Jun 2012

Google 'one of the most evil companies in the industry' claims Virgin Atlantic IT Director

Stringent data use contracts make search engine giant the 'frenemy'
21 Jun 2012

Oracle got what it deserved

19 Jun 2012

Vendor focus: Fusion reactor (UPDATED)

Oracle's Fusion strategy in the spotlight as a former executive warns that the enterprise giant is struggling to remain relevant – despite its new cloud focus
06 Jun 2012

Government signs three-year licensing deal with Microsoft

Unlike businesses, government will see minimal price hikes for licensing
01 Jun 2012

Haven’t they suffered enough?

01 Jun 2012

Microsoft exempts UK public sector from 25 per cent price hike

Adjustments to UK pricing will mean big increases for everyone else
04 May 2012

IP war: Facebook grabs Microsoft patents as profits slip

Deal buys Zuckerberg a bulk of the $1bn AOL portfolio Microsoft bought a fortnight ago. But away from the grandstanding, Facebook's Q1 profits have fallen
24 Apr 2012

Oracle vs Google: Judge to rule on API copyright, not jury

Battle lines drawn in $1bn copyright suggest Oracle has a case, but it is not watertight
23 Apr 2012

Analysis: Technology patent wars

This week Microsoft spent $1bn purchasing patents from AOL, and its rivals have been making similar investments recently. But this flexing of corporate muscle is potentially bad for innovation
13 Apr 2012

Opinion: It should be standard to require standards

Given the hassle proprietary document formats cause, it’s a mystery why so many users still use them
02 Apr 2012

BSA tackles Rugby-based power company over unlicensed software

Converteam UK has to pay out more than £8,000
26 Mar 2012

Opinion: It’s time to open-source the Big Society

The collaborative nature of open source means it’s a perfect match for the government
02 Mar 2012

Provident Financial saves £350,000 by deploying licence management tool

Loans provider says it was concerned it was overspending on software licences
01 Mar 2012

Success by planning for IT failure – part 1: Scope and scope creep

21 Feb 2012

If Maude was really serious about waste...

21 Feb 2012

Microsoft tightens rules for Office student discounts

Buyers will need to provide evidence of student or teacher status
13 Feb 2012

Oracle files for retrial in case against SAP

Copyright lawsuit dating back to 2007 set to rumble on
07 Feb 2012

Size matters when it comes to IT deals

23 Jan 2012

Microsoft sues retailer Comet

US software giant claims the retailer created and sold counterfeit Windows recovery CDs
05 Jan 2012

CIOs rail against vendor lock-in

A recent Computing survey reveals that many enterprise IT leaders feel hamstrung by the deals they have struck with vendors
04 Jan 2012