Analysis: mobile development migraine

Enterprises looking to develop mobile applications for staff, partners or customers face a number of headache-inducing challenges
13 Nov 2012

Analysis: Tim Cook’s Apple turnover

Apple chief executive Tim Cook
Does the departure of two senior Apple executives signal a desire on the part of Steve Jobs’ successor, Tim Cook, to make a clean break with the past
12 Nov 2012

iPad's share of tablet market drops to 50 per cent

Apple new Ipad Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 accessories
Apple's grasp on the tablet market loosens as competition from Android intensifies
06 Nov 2012

Acer delays Windows tablets in response to Microsoft Surface launch

And Windows 8 ain't gonna increase sales by much either, adds Acer president Jim Wong
01 Nov 2012

The office of tomorrow

Peter Gothard talks to IT leaders and blue-sky thinkers about the way technological advances such as unified communications are impacting how, where and when people work
01 Nov 2012

Upwardly mobile: an interview with PwC's Dominique Moreau

Dominique Moreau, CIO of PricewaterhouseCoopers, talks about his plans to mobilise the accountancy giant’s workforce using iPhones and iPads, and why he thinks the jury’s still out on the benefits of big data
01 Nov 2012

Microsoft pushes Windows Phone 8 enterprise benefits

Updated smartphone platform includes management and security features to appeal to corporate buyers
31 Oct 2012

Hurricane Sandy blows away Google product launches

Nexus unveilings at New York event postponed as city braces for 'Frankenstorm'
29 Oct 2012

Viewpoint: How to make your app budget go further

Dr Tim King, CTO of 5app, offers his tips for reining in app development costs
29 Oct 2012

Apple blame iPad Mini rumours for slower than expected iPad sales

'Only' 14 million iPads sold, but company still makes $8.2bn
26 Oct 2012

First reviews of the Microsoft Surface

The best comments and reviews of the Microsoft Surface from around the web
25 Oct 2012

Week of big launches to begin with Apple's iPad Mini

Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Surface launch sandwiched between new Apple iPad and Google Nexus
22 Oct 2012

Windows 8: awesome or yawnsome?

Peter Gothard asks industry pundits and software developers whether Microsft’s new operating system has what it takes to take the enterprise world by storm
17 Oct 2012

iPad Mini launch rumoured for next week, prices expected to start at £200

Apple expected to unveil mini tablet on 23 October
15 Oct 2012

iPad Mini details leaked online

WSJ report: 7.85 inch screen device to be revealed this month
03 Oct 2012

Case study: Essa Academy's high-tech approach to education

Peter Gothard learns a lesson or two about technology-driven education at Bolton’s Essa Academy
02 Oct 2012

Intel chip for Windows 8 tablets running late

High-end Windows 8 tablets may be delayed due to Intel 'Clover Trail' hold-ups
02 Oct 2012

Intel unveils Atom Z2760 for Windows 8 tablets

Intel's system-on-a-chip 'just the beginning' of efforts in the tablet market
28 Sep 2012

Why Apple will continue to blossom

24 Sep 2012

Easy does IT: an interview with EasyJet's Trevor Didcock

EasyJet CIO Trevor Didcock tells Sooraj Shah how smartphone apps, the cloud, analytics and iPads are all helping to keep the airline flying high
17 Sep 2012

Android devices most at risk from mobile malware

Malware on smartphones and tablets has grown massively, with the Android OS by far the most targeted
07 Sep 2012

New Amazon tablets get October UK release date

Kindle Fire machines to take on Google, Microsoft and Apple
06 Sep 2012

Amazon expected to make Kindle Fire announcement today

Specced-up 7in tablet will fight it out in an increasingly crowded market
06 Sep 2012

Analysis: Is Android losing its grip on the workplace?

Recent reports suggest Android is losing ground to iOS in the corporate mobile space, but Computing research suggests there is still everything to play for
05 Sep 2012