Tablets earn their daily bread

Warburtons Bristol bakery
Peter Gothard hears how spending a small amount of dough on a few tablets and a sprinkling of Android apps has helped Warburtons earn a bigger crust
05 Mar 2013

MWC: things are about to get interesting

Mobile World Congress logo Barcelona
The dominant powers in the mobile world are facing growing challenges from China, the open source community and a resurgent Sony and HTC
04 Mar 2013

Analysis: In a BYOD class of its own

Peter Gothard reports on a school that has embraced the bring-your-own-device philosophy and rolled out super-fast Wi-Fi for the benefit of pupils and staff
21 Feb 2013

Enterprise mobility: from A to Beeb

Stuart Sumner talks to the BBC’s chief technology officer, John Linwood, about enterprise mobility, and how it underpins almost every aspect of the organisation’s operations
20 Feb 2013

Microsoft missing out 'on billions' without iPad version of Office

Company could stand to gain $2.5bn profit a year on iOS, says Morgan Stanley analyst
19 Feb 2013

Surface Pro 'won’t make a dent' says ex-Microsoft SVP

'Microsoft and hardware – when have they ever been successful?' asks Joachim Kempin
13 Feb 2013

Analysis: PC makers need to shape up or ship out

With only one of the world’s top five PC makers enjoying rising sales, Sooraj Shah asks what the sector can do to revive its fortunes
07 Feb 2013

Analysis: Windows 8 greeted with apathy from many, enthusiasm from some

Danny Palmer looks at the reasons behind Windows 8’s sluggish uptake in the enterprise market, and hears why one major UK organisation is keen to buck the trend
04 Feb 2013

Samsung doubles share of tablet market in record year

Shipments of tablets up 75 per cent year-on-year
01 Feb 2013

Tablet sales help push Carphone Warehouse revenue to over £1bn

Tablet sales hit 40,000 a week over Christmas period
25 Jan 2013

Bendable battery appears in South Korea

Add flexible tablets, and mobile could have a pliable future
15 Jan 2013

Microsoft sells just 1 million Surface tablets in Q4 2012

While Apple sells 20 million iPads in same space of time, says analyst
15 Jan 2013

H4cked Off: Slating the Surface

Stuart Sumner gets driven to the very edge of despair in his attempts to get Microsoft Surface to actually do anything at all
08 Jan 2013

Samsung claims record £5.1bn quarterly profit

South Korean electronics giant is selling 500 devices a minute
08 Jan 2013

Analysis: Why Twitter may well be worthy of a £6.8bn IPO valuation

There's good reason to suppose it will avoid 'doing a Facebook' if it does float in 2014
08 Jan 2013

What 2013 has in store for IT leaders

Thirteen years into the third millennium and the much-anticipated personal jetpack remains as elusive as ever. So, what technology developments and trends can IT leaders expect over the coming 12 months?
08 Jan 2013

Dell wanted Microsoft to drop 'confusing' Windows RT branding

The firm argued the tablet OS was not worthy of the name 'Windows'
17 Dec 2012

A force to be reckoned: an interview with the Met's Ailsa Beaton

Ailsa Beaton has been CIO at the Metropolitan Police for 12 years. She tells Computing how the organisation's information systems have changed in that time - and how they may change in the future
13 Dec 2012

IT Leaders Forum: BYOD in the real world

IT leaders from a range of sectors met in London recently to share their enterprise mobility experiences and offer advice to their peers
12 Dec 2012

Samsung increases lead over Apple in 'smart connected device' sales

Korean firm sees share of PC, tablet and smartphone market jump during Q3 2012
11 Dec 2012

Analysis: Windows RT struggles to win admirers

The Windows RT-based Surface has sold only ‘modestly’ since its launch, while Microsoft's partners wait for the ‘full fat’ Surface Pro to appear in the new year. So is the platform’s future already in the balance?
27 Nov 2012

Tablets to outsell laptops for the first time this year

Tablets sales to beat laptops in the US this quarter - and globally by 2015
22 Nov 2012

Feature: ARM and Intel on collision course

Twenty years ago, ARM was little more than a small unit in now-defunct Acorn Computers. Now, the UK company is about to take on industry giant Intel
15 Nov 2012

The endpoint of the future

Peter Gothard explains how current trends in hardware and software will change the way business users interact with the enterprise
14 Nov 2012