Samsung is down but not out

Olympic Edition Samsung Galaxy S3
Has the nature of Apple’s victory sown the seeds of its eventual defeat?
03 Sep 2012

Look, no Hanns

22 Aug 2012

BlackBerry web usage down by a quarter

RIM Blackberry Bold
Figures suggest that BlackBerry smartphones are becoming relegated to business voice and email functions only
20 Aug 2012

Apple is acting like a spoiled child

16 Aug 2012

Judge tells Apple and Samsung to settle their own differences

Apple and Samsung urged to settle patent infringement suit
16 Aug 2012

Samsung starts its defence in patent dispute with Apple

Defence opens following revelation of 'non-aggression pact' between Apple and Microsoft
15 Aug 2012

The rise and rise of touchscreens in the workplace

Eighty-four per cent of smartphones and 69 per cent of tablets used for business
13 Aug 2012

Apple-Samsung case restarts today

Samsung designer set to refute claims that the firm is a slave to Apple fashion
06 Aug 2012

BlackBerry launches new tablets based on QNX-based Playbook OS 2

Launch coincides with August layoffs of 3,000 staff
03 Aug 2012

How much longer will contract manufacturers like Foxconn remain in the shadow of the West's tech giants?

Are the likes of Apple, Dell and HP in danger of suffering the same fate as bicycle maker Schwinn, whose business was irreparably damaged when its contract manufacturer in Taiwan decided to beat the US firm at its own game?
01 Aug 2012

Samsung, HP reveal new tablets to keep heat on Apple and Google

Court documents and YouTube ad reveal potential tablets
31 Jul 2012

Developers lose interest in Windows Phone, says IDC

Android and iOS the main platforms for both consumer and business app development
26 Jul 2012

Microsoft Office 2013: The Verdict

Computing brings you its hand-on view of Office 2013, revealing the good, the bad, and the clunky
20 Jul 2012

Vendor watch: Amazon – A gift for disruption

Having transformed the way we buy books, and then consumer goods in general, Amazon is now blazing a disruptive trail through enterprise IT
17 Jul 2012

Microsoft is losing ground to OS rivals

11 Jul 2012

Surface will not 'diminish importance' of Windows 8 tablet partners, says Ballmer

'Diversity of solutions' is the way forward for Windows 8, according to Microsoft CEO
09 Jul 2012

Apple's 'mini-iPad' set for autumn launch

Manufacturing reportedly cranking up ready for October release date
04 Jul 2012

On the Surface, this looks like a marketing ploy for Windows 8

04 Jul 2012

Sheffield CIO is right to resist BYOD

04 Jul 2012

Nokia claims patent infringement on Google Nexus 7 tablet

'Buy a licence', Finnish firm tells Google and Asus
03 Jul 2012

HP Windows 8 RT tablet plans postponed over chip snags

HP puts Windows tablet launch back to 2013
02 Jul 2012

The blue screen of Microsoft

28 Jun 2012

Google to take on Apple and Microsoft with own-brand tablet

Quad core devices will cost $199/£199
26 Jun 2012

Mobile IT key to winning over reluctant flyers says Virgin Atlantic IT boss

Many flyers still favour 'hand-holding approach', and mobile is key to this says Bulman
24 Jun 2012