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Ex-Microsoft SVP slams 'aggressive' Ballmer and 'lame duck' board

Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer
Software giant desperately needs new blood, says Kempin
22 Jan 2013

Confusion over Windows Phone 7.8 update

Nokia Lumia 620 with Windows Phone 8
Users of obsolete Windows Phone operating system still waiting on long-promised update
18 Dec 2012

Windows 8 outsells Windows 7, claims Microsoft's Windows business head

Windows 8 Pro
40 million copies of Windows 8 sold in the first month, claims Tami Reller
28 Nov 2012

Analysis: Windows RT struggles to win admirers

The Windows RT-based Surface has sold only ‘modestly’ since its launch, while Microsoft's partners wait for the ‘full fat’ Surface Pro to appear in the new year. So is the platform’s future already in the balance?
27 Nov 2012

Case study: Knowledge management at Slaughter & May

‘Flaky’ Hummingbird replaced by Recommind
15 Nov 2012

The endpoint of the future

Peter Gothard explains how current trends in hardware and software will change the way business users interact with the enterprise
14 Nov 2012

Is Apple considering ditching Intel for ARM?

Reports suggest that Apple is examining a shift from Intel to ARM for Macs
07 Nov 2012

Microsoft launches Windows 8

New cross-device operating system launched worldwide
25 Oct 2012

Microsoft releases five critical security updates

Windows, Internet Explorer and SQL server all affected
15 Aug 2012

Samsung starts its defence in patent dispute with Apple

Defence opens following revelation of 'non-aggression pact' between Apple and Microsoft
15 Aug 2012

Microsoft unleashes as Hotmail successor

New browser-based email service comes connected to Facebook and Skype
01 Aug 2012

Microsoft posts first ever quarterly loss

But software giant's share price rises
20 Jul 2012

HTC takes a swipe at Apple in London High Court

Taiwanese firm wins swipe-to-unlock patent battle
05 Jul 2012

Microsoft releases security mega patch - and a fix for a zero-day exploit

Twenty-six Windows security flaws to patch on 'super Tuesday'
13 Jun 2012

Windows RT 'may have anti-trust implications', says Mozilla

Ovum: Biggest winners of API war could be Android
11 May 2012

Conficker worm is still biggest threat to enterprises - Microsoft

220 million instances in 100 countries reported - but still Microsoft claims it is easy to defend against
26 Apr 2012

Windows desktop admin rights – an open door for malware?

05 Apr 2012

Microsoft addresses critical vulnerability in latest security update

Seven vulnerabilities are closed by the patch, including a critical flaw with Windows Remote Desktop Protocol
14 Mar 2012

Microsoft fixes critical bugs in Explorer and Windows

The bugs could allow hackers to remote-access users' machines if left unpatched
15 Feb 2012

Time the DWP bucked up its ideas

09 Jan 2012

Microsoft sues retailer Comet

US software giant claims the retailer created and sold counterfeit Windows recovery CDs
05 Jan 2012

Backbytes has got Assad all wrong

29 Nov 2011

Is Assad a Mac or a PC?

16 Nov 2011

Cheshire Council uses desktop analytics to shape Windows 7 migration

It is reducing its applications estate and renegotiating Microsoft licences as a result
13 Oct 2011