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Tech Talk news 13: Analysis - reviewing UK IP law

Computing reporter Stuart Sumner
Join Tech Talk for a rundown of the week's top IT news stories, followed by a debate on the government's plans to overhaul UK intellectual property law. Should we follow the US model?
15 Nov 2010

Microsoft profits up following product launches

Office 2010 drives performance as cloud computing push still too immature to affect bottom line
23 Jul 2010

Worldwide PC shipments up 21 per cent

Figures higher than expected, says Gartner
15 Jul 2010

Q&A: Jeff Wierer - Microsoft director for high performance computing (HPC)

Can Microsoft take high performance computing to the mass market?
17 May 2010

Users give their verdict on Azure

Some of the first wave of UK adopters met in London recently to air their views on Microsoft’s cloud computing platform. Dave Bailey listened in
10 Mar 2010

Disabled users will be in Windows Seventh heaven

Microsoft’s latest release provides some much-needed help for users with special needs, says David Banes
12 Nov 2009

Look to the future and hope for change

Read the week's IT headlines? Ever felt a sense of deja vu?
22 Oct 2009

Moving from thin clients to Windows 7 at BAA

The airline operator is using the new Microsoft operating system as a reason to move away from thin clients
15 Oct 2009

Windows 7 - the story so far

Some businesses are already moving to Windows 7 - Computing examines how they are managing the process
15 Oct 2009

European server sales hit rock bottom

IDC reports lowest server revenue levels ever recorded, with vendors still awaiting green shoots
04 Sep 2009

Case study: Upgrading from XP to Windows 7

The IT head of accountancy firm Baker Tilley talks about his experience migrating over 2,300 PCs across 30 sites to Microsoft’s new OS
02 Sep 2009

First impressions of Windows 7

Microsoft’s latest operating system has several major advances over its lacklustre predecessor, but IT managers may face some tedious migration issues
19 Aug 2009

Microsoft will regret causing Windows pain

A difficult upgrade to Windows 7 will only send IT managers in search of alternatives next time
13 Aug 2009

Barbour waxes lyrical over IT infrastructure improvements

Clothing manufacturer upgrades to HP BladeSystem and StorageWorks to improve resilience of ERP software
07 Aug 2009

Who will win the battle for tomorrow?

Forget Chrome OS, don't worry about Azure - Microsoft and Google really want to win over your mind
16 Jul 2009

Windows 7 breaks records at Currys and PC World

DSGi suggests pre-ordering shows new operating system likely to be more successful than Vista
15 Jul 2009

Windows 7 will drive recovery of global IT

New operating system will spearhead growth across industry sectors and help small businesses, says Microsoft-sponsored research
14 Jul 2009

Lack of enterprise appeal takes shine off Chrome OS

Enterprise buyers unlikely to ditch Windows for Chrome OS in the near term, say experts
09 Jul 2009

Microsoft vs Google: you choose

A string of recent product launches suggests Google and Microsoft have stopped sparring and are now ready to slug it out in the enterprise arena
18 Jun 2009

Microsoft targets internet devices to drive cloud services

Windows could be embedded into a wide range of new consumer devices
04 Jun 2009

Tube Lines keeps faith with Capgemini

Contract extension will support IT improvements at the maintenance firm, with increased SLAs
28 May 2009

Big web brands take up half of UK online time

Internet giants such as Google and eBay account for the majority of our time on the web
26 May 2009

Working together for the good of all

Integration is paramount to survival
26 Mar 2009

Can Windows hold on to its supremacy?

It is unclear whether or not Microsoft can move with the times and create a new operating system that its customers consider worthwhile
05 Mar 2009