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Tesco signs eight-year Microsoft deal

Tesco store
Tesco to deploy Microsoft products and services across 14 countries
02 Aug 2011

Do the goings-on in student dorms spell the end for Microsoft?

29 Jul 2011

Stampede away from XP expected imminently

Screenshop of the Windows desktop
The majority of firms that still favour Windows XP are expected to migrate soon
22 Jun 2011

Fedora 15 offers a lot to tempt enterprises away from Windows

Gnome 3 interface gives the open source operating system a business-friendly look and feel
21 Jun 2011

Patch Tuesday: a look behind the scenes

As IT managers around the world get to grips with another bundle of software fixes from Microsoft, Stuart Sumner looks at the processes that lie behind this monthly ritual
07 Jun 2011

Microsoft shows off Windows 8

First look impresses pundits, but firm's launch strategy risks alienating PC makers
02 Jun 2011

Play it again, Dean (or not)

24 May 2011

Chrome OS: is it a serious alternative to Windows in the enterprise?

Computing takes a look at the business credentials of Google's new operating system
16 May 2011

Windows users beware

10 May 2011

Microsoft fixes 64 software flaws

'Black Tuesday' updates patch record number of vulnerabilities
13 Apr 2011

Windows users targeted in phone scam

Cyber criminals claiming to be from the Windows Support Centre are targeting the unwary
12 Apr 2011

Microsoft Intune or out of tune? A new end-point management offering for Windows PCs

12 Apr 2011

IT Leaders Forum: Why making a business case for Windows 7 is a waste of time

CIOs at the event argue that assessing the costs and benefits of Microsoft's OS is practically impossible
30 Mar 2011

IT Leaders Forum: Migrating to Windows 7

Computing will report news live from the event
29 Mar 2011

Top 10 apps for Windows Phone 7

A rundown of some of the best apps available for Windows 7 smartphones
07 Mar 2011

Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 service pack available now

Microsoft says the release will enable better virtual desktop rollouts
22 Feb 2011

Things to consider when migrating applications to Windows 7

Migration services provider Camwood offers tips on avoiding needless expense when moving to Windows 7
09 Feb 2011

Will 2011 be the breakthrough year for Microsoft in IT security?

26 Jan 2011

Windows 8 to run on smartphone chips

Steve Ballmer reveals Windows 8 will include full support for system-on-a-chip architectures
06 Jan 2011

Microsoft set to unveil Windows 8 on tablets

Reports claim new operating system will be showcased at CES
22 Dec 2010

Can Microsoft rise to Ozzie’s challenge?

If Microsoft is to thrive in the post-PC world, it must get its mobile strategy right
02 Dec 2010

Tech Talk news 13: Analysis - reviewing UK IP law

Join Tech Talk for a rundown of the week's top IT news stories, followed by a debate on the government's plans to overhaul UK intellectual property law. Should we follow the US model?
15 Nov 2010

Microsoft profits up following product launches

Office 2010 drives performance as cloud computing push still too immature to affect bottom line
23 Jul 2010

Worldwide PC shipments up 21 per cent

Figures higher than expected, says Gartner
15 Jul 2010