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MySQL creator Monty Widenius wants it to 'disappear from the Earth'

Monty Widenius is on a mission to replace Oracle-controlled MySQL, which he founded, with MariaDB
29 May 2013

Oracle sales fall – hardware sales decline by one-quarter

Oracle's Larry Ellison
Third quarter sales down almost across the board
21 Mar 2013

Oracle Java security chief: 'We’ll fix Java'

Java logo
Milton Smith also promises better communication with IT professionals and businesses
28 Jan 2013

Autonomy names Robert Youngjohns as senior VP and general manager

Ex-Sun Microsystems man charged with helping to reverse slump for HP's biggest software acquisition
10 Sep 2012

Oracle vs Google: Judge to rule on API copyright, not jury

Battle lines drawn in $1bn copyright suggest Oracle has a case, but it is not watertight
23 Apr 2012

Analysis: Spark of hope for Solaris 11

Oracle faces uphill battle to regain lost Unix ground
14 Nov 2011

Oracle appoints Safra Catz as CFO

Catz will replace Jeff Epstein who resigned last week
26 Apr 2011

Sun service contracts “anti-competitive” says industry body

Service Industry Association broadens its complaint against Oracle
18 Feb 2011

Ellison declares war on HP's server business

Oracle chief says rival's technology is slow and vulnerable
07 Dec 2010

HP's Hurd may be heading to Oracle

Ex-HP CEO is in talks with Oracle, according to the Wall Street Journal
06 Sep 2010

Oracle 2010 revenue surges 15 per cent

First figures released after EU ratification of Oracle's acquisition of Sun also show profits for financial year 2010 up 23 per cent
25 Jun 2010

Oracle now owns Sun

Sun acquisition completes – Oracle technology roadmap to follow
27 Jan 2010

EU says Oracle can buy Sun

The EC explains why the move will not limit competition within the EEA
21 Jan 2010

EC spells out antitrust processes

European Commission releases best practice for antitrust procedures following criticism from Oracle
07 Jan 2010

Sun touts new Solaris cluster software

Firm promises cost savings and better virtualisation support
04 Dec 2009

Oracle : "EU doesn’t understand open source"

Oracle criticises European Commission's objections to its acquisition of MySQL
10 Nov 2009

Sun sees sales drop by 25 per cent

The company will also slash 10 per cent of its workforce due to delays in its acquisition by Oracle
09 Nov 2009

The sun has not yet set on this debate

It is clear why Oracle is keen to retain MySQL ­- and why the EU seems just as keen on quashing the deal for the sake of competitiveness
05 Nov 2009

Ellison – "Sun losing $100m a month"

Oracle boss tells EU to hurry as Sun losses mount
22 Sep 2009

Sun shareholders approve Oracle takeover

Sixty-two per cent say yes, but US Department of Justice still holding off until Java licensing issues resolved
17 Jul 2009

Tech sector M&A slumps by a third

Deal valuations also down as merger activity falls to lowest level in seven years
16 Jul 2009

Sun Microsystems revenue drops by nearly a third

Oracle acquisition target turns in a poor set of fourth quarter financials, ahead of shareholder vote on takeover tomorrow
15 Jul 2009

Oracle sales and profit decline slightly

Software giant hit by exchange rates – but new licence sales fall 13 per cent
24 Jun 2009

Q&A: Stewart Townsend – Sun Startup Essentials EMEA manager

Sun tries to help start-ups shine, with IT advice, training and discounted hosting, software and storage
22 Jun 2009