Latest Oracle articles

Interview: Paul Woobey, CIO, Office for National Statistics

EE 4G hits more towns and cities
Woobey discusses big data, how Oracle Exadata has improved budgetary calculations tenfold, and why he won't use the cloud
08 May 2013

Report: Bain, Golden Gate to buy BMC software for $6.5bn

Three businesspeople meet and shake hands
Private equity group is most likely to reach deal with systems management software firm
01 May 2013

Liverpool John Moores University issues £1m tender for HP hardware

HP ProLiant Gen8 servers
LJMU is seeking bidders for provision of HP ProLiant servers and consultancy services
30 Apr 2013

SkySQL merges with MariaDB to make 'next generation' open-source database

Original MySQL team members reunited through merger
24 Apr 2013

John Lewis passes £1bn web sales as it implements new web platform

IT director Paul Coby talks to Computing about John Lewis' latest IT developments
23 Apr 2013

Cyber security bill could allow police to look through database without a warrant

CISPA has been passed by US House but could still be rejected by Senators
19 Apr 2013

White House demands changes to cybersecurity bill to strengthen privacy

CISPA currently grants immunity to corporations for potential data breaches
18 Apr 2013

Research: businesses adapt ERP to tackle diverse demands

Organisations are plugging in secondary systems to increase agility and local control
17 Apr 2013

Tech firms make 'Trojan Horse' Google Android complaint to EU

Microsoft, Nokia and Oracle among FairSearch coalition members calling for Google practices to be investigated
09 Apr 2013

Oracle sales fall – hardware sales decline by one-quarter

Third quarter sales down almost across the board
21 Mar 2013

Analysis: Big data meets marketing automation

By 2017, marketing will be spending more money on IT than the CIO – and the marriage of big data with marketing will be the prime reason
07 Mar 2013

Oracle uses the power of Harry Potter to launch Google API case appeal

Java API case heading back to courts as Oracle likens copyright infringement to stealing JK Rowling's work
14 Feb 2013

Oracle buys Acme Packet for 'session border control'

Oracle pays $2.1bn for IP hardware company Acme
05 Feb 2013

Oracle Java security chief: 'We’ll fix Java'

Milton Smith also promises better communication with IT professionals and businesses
28 Jan 2013

Research: Virtualisation and the rise of audit anxiety in the datacentre

Audits have increased with the rise of virtualisation technology, spreading fear and loathing in the datacentre. John Leonard highlights the areas where IT leaders are most likely to come a cropper
23 Jan 2013

Homeland Security warns Java still poses a threat, despite update

Oracle software could still potentially be exploited by criminals
15 Jan 2013

Java is a mess, says security expert

Java users urged to disable software to prevent zero-day exploit
11 Jan 2013

SAP makes ERP real-time, catches up with Oracle - UPDATED

New technology will enable faster reporting and immediately generate data views, but analysts doubt many will choose to upgrade
11 Jan 2013

Barclays’ own cloud technology 'will slash 90 per cent of IT costs'

Bank is also starting to use the Linux operating system
07 Jan 2013

2012 - The IT Perspective: Mostly cloudy

The forecast for enterprise software is a continuation of the move towards cloud computing, while customers are also complaining about software licensing
21 Dec 2012

Java zero-day exploit being sold for ‘five digits’

Weakness found in most recent version of Oracle's Java
28 Nov 2012

Billion dollar Oracle ERP project shot down by US Air Force

USAF scraps implementation after spending a cool $1bn on failed Oracle rollout
16 Nov 2012

Ceefax – the original 'information superhighway' – closes tonight

Teletext service to close down when last analogue signal is turned off
23 Oct 2012

Oracle, Google to appeal API case

Appeals to be filed in the US Court of Appeals
08 Oct 2012