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Benioff: 4G will enable an enterprise to be run on an iPad's Marc Benioff
'When you have an iPad with LTE, you can run your whole enterprise on these services' - Benioff
20 Sep 2012

Oracle U-turn over support for Intel Itanium servers

Intel Itanium logo
Computer giant grudgingly complies with court verdict over withdrawal of support for Itanium
05 Sep 2012

Oracle releases fix for zero-day Java exploit as attacks increase

Oracle Openworld
Company admits bug can impact availability, integrity and confidentiality of systems
31 Aug 2012

Researchers discover second security bug in zero day Java exploit

Still no word from Oracle as threat increases
29 Aug 2012

IBM spends over $1bn on Kenexa and ships new mainframe

Tech giant looks to improve software and hardware offerings
29 Aug 2012

New Java exploit details emerge as attacks escalate; no patch from Oracle yet

Hacked applet can 'do anything Java can' says security expert
28 Aug 2012

Oracle admits paying bloggers to influence public opinion

Software firm admits it has 'influencers' on its payroll
20 Aug 2012

IBM buys Texas Memory Systems

High-performance memory maker is 'critical component' of storage approach
17 Aug 2012

SAP agrees to pay Oracle $306m in damages

Oracle could also succeed in $1.3bn jury award being reinstated
03 Aug 2012

Branson pickle for Oracle?

02 Aug 2012

HP prevails in Itanium case against Oracle

Judge backs HP and orders Oracle to continue support and development for HP's Itanium-based systems
02 Aug 2012

UBS selects Oracle Fusion software-as-a-service in HR migration

Bank examines all alternatives before moving from PeopleSoft to Fusion
01 Aug 2012

Six London boroughs to install Oracle ERP solution

Boroughs opt for Capgemini to implement software
31 Jul 2012

Oracle chief architect moves to drop part of Java 8 to speed up release

“Project Jigsaw” may be deferred to Java 9 in 2015
19 Jul 2012

Oracle buys social media platform company Involver

Social markup language developer sells out to software giant, increasing rivalry between Oracle and
11 Jul 2012

Ellison Island

04 Jul 2012

Head in the clouds

04 Jul 2012

Sale of ‘second-hand’ software licences legal, rules European court

European Court of Justice: EULAs prohibiting software resale unenforceable
03 Jul 2012

Google settles Oracle API dispute for $0

But reports suggest Oracle is likely to appeal
21 Jun 2012

Legacy Oracle apps users look to alternatives, including cloud

Oracle Fusion a “trigger event for sales engagement” says SuccessFactors vice president
14 Jun 2012

SAP is the fastest-growing database vendor in 2011 - IDC

Forty-four per cent growth due to application and SAP HANA tie-ins
12 Jun 2012

Ellison debuts Oracle Cloud – rebadged strategy of 100+ hosted apps

Ellison renames the cloud after Oracle, finishing giant marketing u-turn towards what he calls 'modern computing'
06 Jun 2012

Oracle buys Collective Intellect to expand social CRM technology

Purchase pits Oracle head-to-head, once again, with Salesforce
06 Jun 2012

Vendor focus: Fusion reactor (UPDATED)

Oracle's Fusion strategy in the spotlight as a former executive warns that the enterprise giant is struggling to remain relevant – despite its new cloud focus
06 Jun 2012