Latest Offshoring articles

Computing research: Outsourcing, cloud computing and job security

Computing recently asked readers whether they are feeling less secure in their jobs than they were in 2010. Here are the results
22 Aug 2012

Economic gloom shifts outsourcing focus to costs

Forget talk about partnerships, outsourcing is all about cost reduction according to a new survey
08 Nov 2011

Analyst predicts offshore contact centres will come back into favour

A smiling call centre worker
Some 80 per cent of businesses have no plans to offshore their call centres, but this could change when the economy picks up
31 Oct 2011

Outsourcing - CIO, United Biscuits

Clifford Burroughs, CIO, United Biscuits, talks to Computing about outsourcing
10 Jun 2011

Offshore call centres risk driving customers away

Difficulties in understanding call centre workers cited as the biggest frustration
06 Jun 2011

200 HP jobs at risk as government looks to offshore

Plans to send work to Bangalore are at an advanced stage, union says
03 Jun 2011

IT services back in growth

Gartner reports that 2010 was a good year for IT services providers
04 May 2011

Emerging markets comprise top 30 offshore locations, says Gartner

Gartner report also reveals that seven developed countries have dropped from list
20 Dec 2010

IT and BPO outsourcing could grow 600 per cent by 2020

Egypt likely to be among countries to benefit from a new wave of offshoring
16 Nov 2010

You get what you pay for in India

12 Nov 2010

Is recent spate of job cuts a harbinger of tougher times ahead?

Experts are divided over prospects for UK IT professionals
26 Oct 2010

Government considers scrapping parity rule for IT outsourcers

While Cameron reassures Indian outsourcers that the UK is open to offshoring
29 Jul 2010

2e2 to outsource to India

IT provider to ITV, Pret a Manger, TieRack and British Airways set to offshore support jobs
28 Jun 2010

Managing IT in-house has no value, say IT leaders

In-house IT infrastructure in UK predicted to drop from 90 per cent to just 23 per cent in 2020
08 Jun 2010

Coalition expected to outsource and offshore to cut deficit

Association predicts a surge in public sector outsourcing
14 May 2010

Safer code fails to stem cyber crime tide

Hackers are targeting a smaller number of security flaws with larger amounts of malicious code
04 May 2010

The IT natives are restless

Most UK IT workers are considering leaving the country and working overseas
04 May 2010

Outsourcing is up, but businesses are sourcing local IT staff

Some 61 per cent choose to outsource to local IT professionals
26 Mar 2010

Cost of on-shore outsourcing will increase in 2010

Real estate and staff costs to rise say analysts
16 Dec 2009

London Stock Exchange completes MillenniumIT acquisition

Bourse’s top executives travel to Sri Lanka to meet new IT partners and government
19 Oct 2009

What next for government IT?

The crisis in public finances will see outsourcing, shared services and cloud computing playing more prominent roles in government IT provision
24 Sep 2009

IT industry could lose out under immigration laws

New migrant rules highlight the need for UK IT workers to widen their skill sets
17 Sep 2009

India is ready for more business

Companies are learning that the country has much more to offer than exceptional programming skills
10 Sep 2009

New immigration rules to crack down on offshore recruitment

Government accepts recommendations of Migration Advisory Committee in move that could affect offshore outsourcers
07 Sep 2009