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Google defends policy to abandon security fixes on Android versions older than KitKat

Android 5.0 Lollipop LG G3
Is Android finally too fragmented to keep supporting earlier WebKit builds?
26 Jan 2015

Cloud represents 'the next cycle in computing' and successful start-ups prove it, says Google

Barak Regev also tells Bloomberg Enterprise Technology Summit that mobile is 'the gasoline' of cloud
09 Dec 2014

Why opted for Google Apps instead of Microsoft Office 365

Entrance staircase advertising Microsoft Office 365
Director of technology Mark Ridley says licensing complexities encouraged to switch to Google Apps
02 Oct 2014

Google changes iOS 7 privacy settings on the quiet

Announcement that Apple iOS 7 users will now be logged into all Google services, allowing tracking across apps and devices, hidden in blog
04 Apr 2014

John Lewis Partnership rolls out Google Apps to 60,000 staff

Waitrose and John Lewis staff encouraged to collaborate with cloud office documents and collaboration tools hosted by Google
03 Apr 2014

University College Dublin saves £204k a year by switching to Google Apps

UCD saves money it would have spent on servers, maintenance, power and personnel
24 Oct 2013

Welcome to the University of Google

One third of UK universities use Google Apps for Education. So what’s the attraction, and can the search giant be trusted with all that data? Peter Gothard talks to one of the first university CIOs to go down the Google route, Sheffield’s Christine Sexton
21 Oct 2013

Top 10 software stories of 2013 so far

“Software” will be 60-years old this October, but despite the lack of big launches so far this year, there's still been plenty of activity
13 Jun 2013

Start-ups are being starved of talent says Gentry Underwood, the man who sold Mailbox for £65m

Even in the US there is a chronic shortage of engineers, says entrepreneur
03 Jun 2013

Office 365 and Google Apps fight for supremacy

Microsoft would be unwise to drop its offline version of Office just yet
28 May 2013

Google unveils personalised Google Maps

New service builds around idea of 'a map for every person and place'
16 May 2013

Tech firms make 'Trojan Horse' Google Android complaint to EU

Microsoft, Nokia and Oracle among FairSearch coalition members calling for Google practices to be investigated
09 Apr 2013

Tougher privacy rules prompted Google Reader shutdown, sources say

Not worth supporting Reader against possible privacy complaints, sources suggest
25 Mar 2013

Google rules out Gmail and Drive apps for Windows 8

Firm has no plans to produce apps for Microsoft systems
13 Dec 2012

Android's built-in malware scanner detects just 15 per cent of threats

Jellybean's in-built software has a long way to go but shows promise, says computer scientist.
11 Dec 2012

Google to companies: Now you must pay for Google Apps

$50 per user annual fee will make things more 'straightforward' says company
07 Dec 2012

Google Play revenue up by over 300 per cent

Apple App Store saw sales rise by 13 per cent over same period
03 Dec 2012

Case study: Grass Roots replaces Exchange 2003 with Google Apps for Business

Grass Roots migrated 1,500 users from a fragmented Microsoft Exchange environment to Google Apps for Business in just six weeks, with a four-person project team
29 Oct 2012

Google says security is better in the cloud, but many doubts remain

Eran Feigenbaum says cloud security offers more protection, but Computing research suggests he has an uphill struggle convincing others
16 Oct 2012

Google drops support for .doc in Google Apps

Google’s cloud office suite stops export of documents in older Microsoft Office formats
27 Sep 2012

Google's Nexus 7: where will it fit in a maturing tablet market?

Underpowered but competitively priced, Google's early bird could yet get the worm
28 Jun 2012

Google 'one of the most evil companies in the industry' claims Virgin Atlantic IT Director

Stringent data use contracts make search engine giant the 'frenemy'
21 Jun 2012

Facebook CTO departing to 'start a company' with Google engineer

Apps experience seems to tie together founders of new concern
18 Jun 2012

Facebook launches app store to rival Google and Apple

600 apps available at launch
08 Jun 2012