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TV-signal solution for rural broadband

LG Google TV
Cambridge trials indicate that ‘white spaces’ in television broadcasts could boost broadband access
25 Apr 2012

Fibre network spend booming, may create social divisions – report

Fibre optic broadband
Fibre to the home risks creating an urban elite, warns analyst as Western Europe leads high-speed rollout
22 Apr 2012

Cambridgeshire County Council issues £100m tender for next-gen broadband

Supplier has to provide a multi-million pound investment to supplement public sector funding
21 Apr 2012

Broadband Britain: government must put its money where its mouth is

02 Apr 2012

Britain is already a broadband leader

02 Apr 2012

BT picks Oxfordshire village for first fibre-only exchange pilot

Homes and businesses in Deddington to get access to superfast broadband
30 Mar 2012

Budget 2012: 10 cities to get ultra-fast broadband

Birmingham, Bradford, London and Leeds among cities to become 'super-connected'
21 Mar 2012

BT is neglecting small firms

21 Mar 2012

4G mobile broadband could be available this year, says Ofcom

Everything Everywhere wants to change spectrum use to 4G
13 Mar 2012

European Commission says no to regulatory holidays

Neelie Kroes has derided calls for telecoms operators to be granted regulatory holidays as a tool to spur growth
09 Mar 2012

40 per cent of broadband projects given green light for procurement

Only two local authorities failed to submit initial plans
09 Mar 2012

East Sussex County Council tenders for next-generation broadband infrastructure

Contract could be worth up to £100m
05 Mar 2012

Missed opportunity to boost rural broadband

02 Mar 2012

Neelie Kroes demands 30Mbit/s coverage by 2020

Vice president of the European Commission for the Digital Agenda says broadband and wireless technology will help lift Europe out of the economic crisis
28 Feb 2012

How to resolve the rural broadband dilemma

21 Feb 2012

BT is having a laugh at our expense

21 Feb 2012

UK absent from Fibre-to-the-Home global ranking

Only economies with more than 1 per cent of households connected to FTTH can be ranked
17 Feb 2012

Austerity measures threaten innovation outside cities, says report

UK ranks with Belgium in EU innovation league
09 Feb 2012

BT to offer 300Mbit/s fibre to the home in 2013

On-demand service will be available to homes and businesses in FTTC-enabled areas – for a fee
03 Feb 2012

Analysis: Is the government's fast broadband delivery strategy starting to fall apart?

Frustration with the government’s approach to rural deployment is growing
02 Feb 2012

Scotland publishes digital infrastructure plan

It aims to have world-class digital infrastructure in place by 2020
01 Feb 2012

Socitm urges public-sector CIOs to drive superfast broadband rollout

A new report argues that they must use their local knowledge to tackle 'notspots'
31 Jan 2012

Cambridgeshire council seeks supplier to make significant investment in broadband rollout

Council needs to tap private sector for £70m
30 Jan 2012

One-third of English councils are ready for superfast broadband

Authorities can apply for an additional £100m to fund broadband plans
27 Jan 2012