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High Court rejects YouView trademark appeal

YouView on demand TV service
Court finds name 'confusingly similar' to billing service 'YourView'
15 Nov 2012

BT brings forward fibre rollout completion date to spring 2014

Red fibre broadband strands image
Rollout of UK fibre broadband network running 18 months ahead of schedule, claims BT
01 Nov 2012

EU to give go-ahead for UK super-fast broadband scheme

European Union flag
£530m of state funding to be approved following delay caused by investigation
08 Oct 2012

EE confirms that peace talks will enable 4G launch date announcement

4G date to be revealed imminently
03 Oct 2012

'No way we’ve been overinflating': BT responds to rural broadband price hike allegations

80 per cent superfast mark-up allegations come from 'detractors' says spokesperson
02 Oct 2012

Government 'unlikely' to achieve national super-fast broadband objective by 2015

Rural areas at risk of being left off super-fast broadband network, says CLA
24 Sep 2012

The broadband gods help those who help themselves

21 Sep 2012

Government reveals first 10 cities to receive super-fast broadband funds

Combined £114m provided in attempt to boost economy with faster internet
20 Sep 2012

Everything Everywhere launches UK's first 4G network

UK to get 98 per cent coverage by 2014, with 12 major cities hooked up by Christmas
11 Sep 2012

Maria Miller vows to cut out ‘bureaucratic’ broadband processes

Local councils stripped of ability to block installation of cabinets
07 Sep 2012

Maria Miller to steer UK broadband policy as Hunt moves to Health

Maria Miller slips into Hunt's shoes at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport
04 Sep 2012

Analysis: Broadband - is the UK up to speed?

The government insists that the UK will lead Europe when it comes to fast broadband. But where are we placed in relation to the rest of world?
30 Aug 2012

Hunt: UK will have fastest broadband network in Europe by 2015

But state cannot be expected to fund and build a nationwide FTTH network, says culture secretary
20 Aug 2012

Cochrane and the Lords were right to slam UK’s fast broadband rollout

16 Aug 2012

Ex-BT CTO hits back at government over 'visionless' broadband rollout (UPDATED)

Cochrane fires back at government over broadband plans
08 Aug 2012

Former BT CTO slams UK's 'visionless' broadband plans

Government has 'no vision, mission or plans', says Cochrane
02 Aug 2012

Bidding for 4G auction will start in 2013

4G will be available in the UK at end of 2013, promises Ofcom
24 Jul 2012

BT gets superfast Welsh broadband contract

96 per cent of country to have connections up to 80Mbps by 2015
20 Jul 2012

Neelie Kroes outlines proposals to boost next-gen broadband competition and investment

European Commission vice president promises more help for small and start-up service providers
13 Jul 2012

BT Openreach reveals eight locations for FTTH pilot

Parts of Watford, Cardiff and Manchester to gain access to 330Mbit/s broadband
27 Jun 2012

Analysis: can 4G challenge FTTH as a business alternative?

The gloves are off in the battle for network supremacy
19 Jun 2012

BT duels with Kensington and Chelsea council over broadband block

BT says council will be left with 'historic broadband speeds'
01 Jun 2012

Ambition deficit threatens UK broadband goals

The government must push for more fibre to the home if it is to stand any chance of having the fastest broadband in Europe by 2015
23 May 2012

Next-gen broadband, BT-style

02 May 2012