'The Internet of Things in people will prevent rise of the robots'

'Any concerns we have about the rise of the robots taking our jobs is not really an issue because we will be those robots,' Ade McCormack tells Computing IT Leaders Summit
10 Dec 2014

Computing Christmas Tablet Roundup: The year of Windows?

Join Stuart Sumner, Sooraj Shah and Peter Gothard as we consider Microsoft's stepped-up offerings in the 2014 tablet space
04 Dec 2014

Samsung shrugs off wearables challenge from Apple: 'Consumers are a lot smarter these days'

Samsung VP Jae Shin tells Computing wearable tech doesn't need Apple-generated hype to take off
27 Jun 2014

Google Glass goes on sale in UK for £1,000 to 'explorers'

Wearable technology now available to anyone - but experts warn of security risks
24 Jun 2014

Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the "battle for the living room"

Xbox One, PlayStation 4 - not really the productivity solutions some may have hoped for
08 Jan 2014

Review: Onetouch Link Y800 on EE 4G

EE's 4G dominance comes to portable hotspots. Is the hardware and service level worth the premium outlay?
23 Jul 2013

Government puts in place £500m framework for educational ICT infrastructure services

£500m agreement will replace the Becta ICT services framework
22 Jul 2013

Apple seeking 'outside help' for iWatch development

Company reported to be struggling, with possibility of product cancellation looming
16 Jul 2013

EU could impose levy on printers and printer ink after European Court of Justice ruling

ECJ approves compensation for copyright holders from printer makers in German court case
27 Jun 2013

The USB flash drive is “dying”, says inventor of product

“Connected world” negates need for portable storage, claims Dov Moran
19 Apr 2013

Google CIO: Have whatever technology you need to do your work – with an itemised bill attached

Self-service tech' stations enable staff to tool-up to do their jobs, says Ben Fried
22 Mar 2013

Intel to launch set-top box based video streaming service

New device contains camera to observe viewers' habits and movements
13 Feb 2013

Panasonic to axe 8,000 more staff to cut costs

A total of 46,800 staff will have lost jobs due to restructuring plans
15 Nov 2012

US patent reveals Microsoft 3D projection display device

Meanwhile, Sony showcases "virtual reality" headset in new video
13 Sep 2012

Why Valve's Big Picture puts Apple on alert

Steam's arrival in the living room shows developer's vision to move beyond games
12 Sep 2012

Hit ‘enter’ at your peril

21 Feb 2012

One off the wrist for instant storage gratification

24 Jan 2012

ViewSonic PLED-W500 projector review

Portable projector let down by poor audio and lack of brightness
18 Jan 2012

Review: LG LSM-100 Scanner Mouse

LG mouse is a neat scanning tool for mobile users
17 Nov 2011

In-your-face interface

04 Nov 2011

Review: Nuance OmniPage Professional 18

OmniPage delivers cloud document scanning and optical character recognition
11 Oct 2011

Foot-long strap-ons

23 Aug 2011

Belting it out

19 Jul 2011

Charging ahead in fashion

08 Jun 2011