Chips and components

Microsoft's Xbox 720 to use AMD chips

AMD logo
Cost reduction drive behind switch from IBM's Power PC for next-generation of games system
09 Apr 2013

TSMC 'tapes out' high-performance 64-bit ARMs, ready for production

ARM Cortex A15 chip
Taiwan Semiconductor readies 16-nanometre, 64-bit ARM microprocessors for production - in a direct challenge to Intel
04 Apr 2013

In-memory computing market to be worth £700m by 2016 says Gartner

Mainstream adoption beckons for IMC, say analysts
03 Apr 2013

Semiconductor industry hit by falling revenues in 2012

Intel stays top for 21st year in a row, but falling PC sales and competition hits revenues
03 Apr 2013

ARM CEO Warren East to retire – Simon Segars to takeover as new CEO

ARM CEO Warren East to retire – Simon Segars to takeover as new CEO
19 Mar 2013

Intel's Altera deal inaugurates shift into foundry business

Is deal to make cutting-edge FPGA chips for Altera the start of a shift into the foundry business – and the first move to make ARM-based microprocessors for Apple?
27 Feb 2013

NFC 'overhyped' says SAP SVP

Only way technology will take hold is if it can be added to existing devices
26 Feb 2013

PlayStation 4 videogames console announced by Sony

Multiplatform interfacing the focus for new home gaming system
21 Feb 2013

Report: Next-generation Microsoft and Sony consoles to contain 8-core AMD Jaguar processors

Impressive hardware specs not even available in current PCs
22 Jan 2013

Hybrid Memory Cube technology – the next step forward in memory?

Samsung, Micron, Microsoft, IBM, ARM and others behind new memory chip technology
21 Jan 2013

Intel profits slump as PC sales decline

Net income for 2012 down 15 per cent on 2011
18 Jan 2013

AMD accuses former execs of stealing 100,000 confidential files before quitting for Nvidia

Chip maker says it has uncovered an 'extraordinary case of misappropriation'
16 Jan 2013

Bendable battery appears in South Korea

Add flexible tablets, and mobile could have a pliable future
15 Jan 2013

Apple cuts orders for LCD screens as demand for the iPhone 5 fails to meet expectations

Reports suggest the company's component purchasing has been slashed by half
14 Jan 2013

Intel accused of releasing misleading figures for its new Ivy Bridge microprocessors

Power consumption of new microprocessors not as good as Intel claims, say critics
11 Jan 2013

Lego launches hackable, iOS-ready, Raspberry Pi-like super brick

New Mindstorms range takes aim at science and technology education
09 Jan 2013

CES 2013: 'We forgot the power of wow' says Sony

Struggling tech giant also reveals bath-proof phone while Qualcomm unleashes chip to rival Nvidia’s Tegra 4
08 Jan 2013

Getting a Raspberry Pi for Christmas? Now there’s an online store to go with it

With 25 apps already, the Pi Store is fast catching up with Windows 8…
19 Dec 2012

Rumour: Intel to acquire Nvidia

Nvidia CEO Huang could replace Otellini as chief, say reports
17 Dec 2012

IBM and Toshiba unveil tech to speed up data transfer and reduce power drains

Faster internet and longer battery life may be good news for mobile future
10 Dec 2012

Imagination risks being gazumped in its $60m bid for MIPS

MIPS opens talks with mobile chip maker CEVA over 'superior' $75m bid
22 Nov 2012

Feature: ARM and Intel on collision course

Twenty years ago, ARM was little more than a small unit in now-defunct Acorn Computers. Now, the UK company is about to take on industry giant Intel
15 Nov 2012

Ailing AMD open to offers as chip maker calls in JP Morgan

Microsoft, Intel, Google, Samsung, Facebook and others named as potential buyers of AMD - or its patents
14 Nov 2012

ARM and Imagination unite to acquire MIPS

ARM takes patent portfolio, while Imagination acquires the MIPS business
07 Nov 2012