Chips and components

IBM integrates carbon nanotubes into mainstream chip manufacturing

Inside one of TMSC's semiconductor foundries
Moore's Law may be safe after all
29 Oct 2012

Galaxy smartphone leads Samsung to stellar profits

Profits up 91 per cent, but shares fall on fear of more competition ahead
26 Oct 2012

Texas Instruments reports 30 per cent rise in profits but decline in demand

Texas Instruments
Q3 net income of $784m aided by cost-cutting measures
23 Oct 2012

ARM sees profits rise over 20 per cent after strong quarter

iPhone, Samsung smartphones and Microsoft Surface orders all aid chip designer
23 Oct 2012

Chips are down as AMD announces job cuts and revenue losses

Chip maker struggling to cope with the rate of change in the consumer marketplace
19 Oct 2012

Intel profits plummet as IBM revenues flat-line

Enterprises’ cautious IT spend affecting tech giants
17 Oct 2012

AMD could cut up to 30 per cent of staff

Up to 3,300 could lose jobs as firm attempts to balance books
15 Oct 2012

Samsung sees profits rise in third quarter by 85 per cent

Electronics giant estimates record-high quarterly operating profit
05 Oct 2012

Intel unveils Atom Z2760 for Windows 8 tablets

Intel's system-on-a-chip 'just the beginning' of efforts in the tablet market
28 Sep 2012

Wozniak: Flash is the future for storage

Spinning disk vendors face RIM-like decline, says Apple founder
25 Sep 2012

Bank infighting rather than iPhone 5 holding back contactless revolution says expert

Apple NFC no good without retail demand, says Mark Sutherland, Kaseya president
21 Sep 2012

Raspberry Pi manufacture relocates to UK from China

Budget PC now to be made at Sony plant in South Wales
10 Sep 2012

Apple cuts Samsung chip order for new iPhone

Apple has reportedly cut orders for memory chips from Samsung as they attempt to reduce reliance on their rival
07 Sep 2012

Oracle U-turn over support for Intel Itanium servers

Computer giant grudgingly complies with court verdict over withdrawal of support for Itanium
05 Sep 2012

Power plays: how enterprises can combat soaring energy bills

With datacente power costs becoming an ever-greater drain on corporate budgets, Graeme Burton explores how organisations can rein in their energy consumption
05 Sep 2012

'There may be trouble ahead,' warns ARM CEO Warren East

Chip designer sees looming economic slowdown already affecting chip makers
04 Sep 2012

Quantum chip offers 'security guaranteed by the laws of physics'

Researchers unveil quantum chip technology that could be available within five years
04 Sep 2012

Leaked Intel documents detail upcoming Atom system-on-a-chip

Details of Intel's upcoming Atom 'Bay Trail' platform have been leaked
29 Aug 2012

Samsung starts its defence in patent dispute with Apple

Defence opens following revelation of 'non-aggression pact' between Apple and Microsoft
15 Aug 2012

HP prevails in Itanium case against Oracle

Judge backs HP and orders Oracle to continue support and development for HP's Itanium-based systems
02 Aug 2012

Power rangers: Fujitsu, Docomo and NEC form smartphone chip venture

New company, Access Network Technology, could pose competitive threat to Qualcomm
01 Aug 2012

How much longer will contract manufacturers like Foxconn remain in the shadow of the West's tech giants?

Are the likes of Apple, Dell and HP in danger of suffering the same fate as bicycle maker Schwinn, whose business was irreparably damaged when its contract manufacturer in Taiwan decided to beat the US firm at its own game?
01 Aug 2012

ARM kick-starts standardisation forum for 'internet of things'

Chip manufacturer co-opts UK-based partner companies to develop standards
31 Jul 2012

When an apple is not an apple

31 Jul 2012