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Law firm prepares for agile contracting

Momentum builds behind moves to write development contracts that reflect project reality
31 May 2012

Protect and survive: an essential guide to data protection regulation

Data privacy agent regulator
Recent legislative changes in the EU and US have serious implications for any organisation that stores and processes personal data. So what do CIOs need to do to ensure they stay on the right side of the regulators?
08 May 2012

Analysis: Conflicting forces of cyber law and order

FSA logo
New EU initiatives may duplicate, or even undermine, efforts to protect the UK’s financial services industry from cyber crime. And as Sooraj Shah and Andrew Charlesworth report, this is the last thing the sector needs
18 Apr 2012

Emissions management case studies: RSA and Swiss Post

How technology is helping two major organisations to reduce their carbon footprint and energy bills
17 Apr 2012

Essential guide to carbon and energy management

Green IT was all about reducing the carbon footprint of the datacentre, but now companies are using software to help reduce emissions and energy consumption across the whole company
17 Apr 2012

Report: IT directors believe EU data protection changes will raise costs

Businesses don’t believe European Commission’s assurances
03 Apr 2012

How tablets can be put to work

While there is a lot of hype behind tablet computers, they are already doing a worthwhile job in many niche areas. And the advent of Windows 8 may see even wider uptake
03 Apr 2012

Danone uses custom SAP system to track carbon footprint

French food giant aims to reduce emissions throughout product life cycle
03 Apr 2012

Yahoo applies ‘do not track’ site-wide

Portal joins browsers in spreading DNT mechanism
02 Apr 2012

Report: UK pubic sector IT lacks disaster recovery

Spending squeeze blamed for poor backup resources
30 Mar 2012

European Cybercrime Centre aims for January 2013 launch

Commission proposes Euro cyber-cops in crackdown on e-crime
30 Mar 2012

European Parliament votes to keep anti-piracy law decision out of top judges’ hands

Latest twist in the tale of ACTA
28 Mar 2012

Facebook goes on patent shopping spree

IBM rights acquired to defend against pre-flotation legal action
26 Mar 2012

Government selects 12 companies to build public sector infrastructure

Winners of bids to supply the Public Service Network announced
26 Mar 2012

PayPal closes potential flaw in login pages

Payment service alerted to cross site scripting error
23 Mar 2012

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