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CIOs and the cloud - the importance of the IT team

One of the reasons why so many IT teams have been slow to embrace cloud services is that they feel they might be signing their own redundancy notices. But is this true? This seminar looks at the role of the CIO and the evolution of the IT team.
08 Oct 2014

CIOs and the cloud – staying in control

The advent of cloud has changed the nature of the role of CIO in a number of ways. These changes could be seen as largely positive or mostly negative, depending on the type of organisation you work for. This seminar looks into the cloud from the point of view of the CIO and how to stay in control.
08 Oct 2014

Managing the BYOD Matrix: Three reasons why, and three ways how

mixed mobiles
The pace of adoption of BYOD amongst organisations is literally breathtaking - for many of the CIOs we speak to at Computing it's a top three issue - one of the most important issues on the IT agenda. Modern organisations are changing the way they work, and soon the office as we know it, with its fixed desks and hardware supplied exclusively by the employer will be a thing of the past - just another museum exhibit in the fast paced world of tech.
11 Sep 2014

Unified communications - 5 pitfalls and how to avoid them

This web seminar aims to examine the pressures that businesses face when they implement unified communications services and to uncover the associated problems and pitfalls that businesses may fail properly to address.
01 Jul 2014

More choice and more speed - successfully developing mobile apps for your customers and employees

The market for mobile apps is often compared to a gold rush, with businesses desperate to be first to market lest their competition profit from their hesitation. However, the fate of Netscape, Palm, Friendster and the legendary Betamax should serve as cautionary tales to those business rushing to the hills - being first to market is no guarantee of success.
09 Jun 2014

3 keys to getting business buy-in for an enterprise wide back-up and recovery strategy

Join us for this web seminar in which we will be looking at how we can make informed strategic decisions about investments whose main benefit is the ability to maintain rather than enhance the bottom line.
30 Jan 2014

Securing your website against hackers and malware

This web seminar will explore the threats to organisations as they expand their usage of web-based services, and review the best strategies to protect your websites and applications from hackers and malware.
30 Jan 2014

Third party applications – a chink in your armour

Third party applications – a chink in your armour. During this web seminar we will explore how to mitigate the risk from third party applications using a step by step guide to patch management as part of a complete endpoint security management programme.
12 Dec 2012

Why better data governance means better business

Organisations don’t leave their cash to look after itself, so why do they do so with data?
23 Nov 2012

How SMEs can punch above their weight (Available on-demand)

Join me Stuart Sumner, as our expert panel looks at what organisations of the same size as yours are doing as we discover why small is usually more beautiful than big.
21 Nov 2012

Risk Based Security Management – Corporate reality or wishful thinking?

Live 7th November, 3pm- During this web seminar we will be looking at what RBSM is and why risks are frequently under- or overestimated to the detriment of the organisation as a whole.
02 Nov 2012

How and why: moving legacy applications to the cloud

LIVE 17th SEPTEMBER: As with all technologies, there is an optimum level of cloud deployment at which the functional, business and financial benefits are all maximised. Most organisations have not yet achieved this level. The reason? Legacy and mission-critical applications.
06 Sep 2012

The on-premise vs cloud equation: where now for enterprise applications? (Available on-demand)

During this web seminar we will explore the on-premise vs in-the-cloud equation, including the factors that organisations should be considering as they struggle with the apparently opposing forces of flexibility and scalability on the one hand and security and control on the other.
11 Jul 2012

Managing mobile devices – The BYOD challenge

Live 12th July. While smartphones, tablets, ultrabooks, media players and other devices are becoming more prevalent, and staff more mobile, there is strong evidence of an emerging tension within UK industry and public sector bodies. The most common response by IT departments is to ban access to company networks to all devices apart from those provided and secured by the company itself.
04 Jul 2012

The small business office of the future (Available on-demand)

Live: 18th July at 10am. Join our expert panellists and case studies to find out how IT managers in SMEs are dealing with these trends and to understand how technology and new working practices will shape the SME office of the future
27 Jun 2012

Learning to love BYOD - watch now

Learning to love BYOD. Now available on-demand.
08 Jun 2012

Top 10 causes of IT disasters – and how to deal with them (Available on-demand)

During this web seminar we will be looking at the sorts of incidents that can bring data centres grinding to a halt and what can be done about them.
22 May 2012

Gain better control of your data with enterprise database consolidation

Join us for this Computing web seminar, in which the Head of BI at the Co-operative Group Nick Colebourn will be explaining just how he reigned in the Group’s sprawling database estate and how significant savings were realised and data quality improved as a result.
19 Apr 2012

3 steps to effective data security

Available on-demand. During this web seminar we look at how to achieve a best-in-class approach to data protection with a view to coming up with a best practice guide. We will also be showing you how you can gauge the maturity of your security systems, enabling you to plug any holes before your precious data starts to leak through them. Register for this free event now.
09 Mar 2012

BPM: the critical first 100 days - on-demand

During this Computing web seminar we will be looking at the critical things to get right in the first 100 days of a BPM project, from establishing metrics and achieving buy-in to evaluating success and learning lessons for the next phase. Register for this free event now.
07 Mar 2012

Migrating to Exchange 2010 – this time its technical

On Demand: During this Computing web seminar, our expert panel covered the entire migration process to Exchange 2010, from creating a migration roadmap and calculating requirements for new hardware all the way through to migrating user mailboxes and setting up OWA.
06 Mar 2012

On-demand - Overcoming complexity and creating more effective data management strategies

In this web seminar, we share Computing's research showing what applications are running on what hardware in UK datacentres
23 Feb 2012

On-demand - How IT is building the workplace of the future

This web seminar, in association with BT, focuses on the commercial opportunities and operational challenges IT faces in an employee-empowered future
07 Dec 2011

Ethernet Fabric: Lowering barriers to the private cloud

Traditional datacentre architectures were not designed for the stresses put on them by virtualisation and private cloud technologies
24 Nov 2011