Influence: Client refresh

This documentary explores the various options open to firms refreshing their client estates this year, including desktops, laptops, Ultrabooks, tablets, smartphones and desktop virtualisation
01 May 2013

The business benefits of open source and social technologies

Clint Oram, CTO and co-founder of SugarCRM explains how open source can adapt to fit established procurement methodologies
17 Sep 2012

Influence - Big Data

What are the opportunities offered by big data, how can firms exploit them, and is it fundamentally worth it?
15 Aug 2012

The IT legacy of the Olympics

Ian Foddering, CTO UK & Ireland, Cisco, talks to Computing about the long-term benefits the IT powering London 2012 will bring to the UK
01 Aug 2012

Viral marketing at Egress Software

Tony Pepper, CEO at Egress Software, desribes his firm's innovative way of marketing its technology through existing customers
01 Jun 2012

Crash: Big data, security and analytics

Computing's regular podcast features news of major IT projects at Gatwick and Heathrow airports, and analysis of why web coders often ignore basic security best-practise
14 May 2012

The UK IT Awards 2012

With the UK IT Awards 2012 now open for entries, one of last year's winners, Egress Software, talks about the event and what the achievement has meant for the business
04 May 2012

Remote working during the Olympics

Cesare Garlati, director of consumerisation at Trend Micro, discusses what enterprises need to consider as large numbers of staff prepare to work remotely during the Games
02 May 2012

Influence - Consumerisation

Staff are increasingly using their personal devices for work. Productivity may increase as a result, but the trend brings with it security risks
27 Apr 2012

How TfL will use passenger data during the Olympics

The network will equip staff with up-to-date information on passenger flow and network issues to keep traffic moving during the games
02 Apr 2012

Mobile technology at Transport for London

Mobile technology is helping TfL improve its services in time for the Olympics
15 Mar 2012

Swapping firms as a CIO

Former British Airways CIO Paul Coby tells Computing about his transition to being CIO at John Lewis
20 Feb 2012

Business intelligence at John Lewis

John Lewis CIO Paul Coby tells Computing about the benefits business intelligence brings to his business
13 Feb 2012

Protecting the enterprise from cyber attack

Garry Sidaway, director of security strategy at Integralis discusses the current threats to enterprises, and how they should protect themselves
14 Dec 2011

Does virtualisation cause data centre bottlenecks?

The CTO of telecommunications firm Interoute discusses data centre bottlenecks caused by virtualisation - is it a valid concern?
09 Dec 2011

Roundtable: Computing hosts debate on big data

We examine how to harness the data held by organisations and how to deliver business value
28 Nov 2011

Crash Podcast: UK IT Awards, Silicon Roundabout and Fedora

In this week's Crash we discuss the success of Computing's awards, the government's involvement in silicon roundabout, and the latest iteration of the Fedora community OS
11 Nov 2011

Intel discusses its vPro technology

In this advertisement, Nicola Brittain speaks to Intel's Stuart Dommett about vPro
10 Nov 2011

IT in a federated organisation

Malcolm Carrie, head of strategy and architecture at BAE Systems explains IT strategy in a diverse, federated environment
28 Oct 2011

Ricoh: How to save the environment whilst saving cost

Managed document services company talks about ways to reduce electronic and print wastage, saving costs and the environment
21 Oct 2011

Women in IT - Accenture Technology MD Part 2

Liv Sandbaek, managing director, Technolgy at Accenture discusses what it's like being a woman in the IT industry
17 Oct 2011

Enterprise use of mobile mashups

Magic software demonstrates the increasing utility of mobile mashups
14 Oct 2011

Influence - Commuting or Computing?

When should businesses use technology to replace travel, and which option is most appropriate?
30 Sep 2011

Collaborative technology at A&N Media

Mark Laws, head of application support at A&N Media discusses the issues of supporting social media in the enterprise
15 Sep 2011