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Review: Nokia 2520 Windows RT tablet

Does Nokia's latest tablet have a chance when saddled with Windows RT?
25 Apr 2014

London School of Business and Finance favours Surface RT for 'familiar application framework' in bespoke development

Microsoft Surface Pro 2
"We needed Office 2013," says CIO
18 Feb 2014

'ARM is part of the strategy' says Microsoft, but there's 'no insight to share' on Windows RT

Microsoft's Surface Pro 2 overall
'Commonality and convergence' remains focus, says platform strategy GM
14 Feb 2014

Microsoft considers making Windows Phone and Windows RT licence free

Will Microsoft make Windows Phone and RT free to device makers?
11 Dec 2013

Chop, chop: Windows RT to go as Microsoft exec says company has too many operating systems

Windows executive Julie Larson-Green admits: 'We don't need three operating systems'
26 Nov 2013

Nokia to launch Windows RT-based tablet in September

Ten-inch Nokia tablet will run Windows RT and feature quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800
16 Aug 2013

Microsoft sued by shareholders over misleading Surface sales 'disaster'

Shareholders claim violations of securities laws over Surface sales 'disaster' secrecy
15 Aug 2013

Microsoft hints major Surface RT announcement

Primary education space to be “a great place” for hoped iPad-rival, says company
17 Jun 2013

New Intel “Haswell” microprocessors may need upgraded power supplies

PC makers may need to bin power supply units to use next-generation Intel microprocessors
01 May 2013

Dell wanted Microsoft to drop 'confusing' Windows RT branding

The firm argued the tablet OS was not worthy of the name 'Windows'
17 Dec 2012

Windows RT app developer abandons platform after making just £52 in one week

Microsoft 'clearly do not value us at all' says disgruntled Rubicon Development
07 Dec 2012