Latest Virtualisation articles

Budget cuts could see school kids relying on their own devices

Cuts to public sector spending will see schools rethink their approach to IT
14 Oct 2010

VMware addresses key cloud problems with vCloud Director

Technology will tie private and public cloud computer platforms together
31 Aug 2010

Local authority leads the way in digital backup technology

Luton Borough Council tells of the benefits of early adopter of VTL, data deduplication and virtualisation
27 Jul 2010

Top five business reasons for a virtual desktop infrastructure rollout

Wyse chief exec Tarkan Maner spells out the business benefits of VDI
21 Jul 2010

Legal issues surrounding virtualisation

Jon Fell and Mhairi Mival of international law firm Pinsent Masons discuss the legal and regulatory issues that virtualisation can often create
22 Jun 2010

Choosing the right virtualisation technology

Desktop and application virtualisation technologies come in a variety of forms. Martin Courtney looks at the relative strengths and weaknesses of each approach
22 Jun 2010

Most cloud service vendors don’t provide SIEM claims, says expert

Customers may need to negotiate with public cloud providers to get event data, says CSO Chris Poulin
07 Jun 2010

Ensuring availability in a changing world

New trends in enterprise IT delivery are forcing CIOs to rethink how availability is managed
20 May 2010

Security: Get the board on board

The first step to building a robust security framework is to make it clear to senior executives that ultimately it is their backsides on the line should a breach occur, writes Freeform Dynamics analyst Jon Collins
27 Apr 2010

World Wildlife Fund cuts emissions with videoconferencing

UK arm of WWF reduces carbon footprint with videoconferencing and trials thin-client systems
16 Apr 2010

PaperlinX outsources IT and comms to Bull and BT

Paper company spends €22m on five-year deal for desktop management, helpdesk and datacentre services
05 Feb 2010

Oracle sheds light on its Sun plans

The database giant hopes its acquisition of Sun will enable it to achieve the kind of hegemony IBM enjoyed in the 1960s and 1970s. But what does it plan to do with Sun’s products?
02 Feb 2010

Q&A: CERN group leader of fabric infrastructure and operations, Tony Cass

Cass explains how CERN is processing data from Large Hadron Collider experiments in a virtual environment for the first time
15 Jan 2010

Q&A: Novell chief executive Ron Hovsepian

Hovsepian explains how Novell will tap into cloud and virtualisation markets
06 Jan 2010

Chester Zoo goes green with Hyper-V

Virtualisation rollout cuts Chester Zoo's energy bill by £11,000 a year and gives ROI in under three years
04 Jan 2010

Novell moves to allay cloud and virtualisation fears

Technology roadmap of five middleware products to tackle security and performance issues
08 Dec 2009

Sun touts new Solaris cluster software

Firm promises cost savings and better virtualisation support
04 Dec 2009

Six steps to greater datacentre efficiency

Forrester Research offers best practice advice
10 Nov 2009

The changing face of the datacentre

Pressure on organisations to cut capital expenditure, reduce energy consumption and slash emissions is giving rise to a new generation of leaner, cleaner datacentres
03 Nov 2009

IT leaders call the shots at the BBC

BBC chief technology officer John Linwood explains how a shake-up in IT management is cutting costs while spurring on innovation at the broadcaster
22 Oct 2009

Gartner outlines 10 strategic technologies for 2010

Cloud computing and green solutions high on the list for next year
21 Oct 2009

Ballmer rejects call for simpler software licensing

But tells customers to email him with their problems
05 Oct 2009

Virtualisation in the real world

It is essential for businesses to acknowledge and plan for the costs and restrictions of software licensing deals when considering virtualisation
01 Oct 2009

IPCC IT overhaul will see police complaints handled online

The body that polices the police signs 10-year, £45m IT contract for technology refresh and to support online customer services
11 Sep 2009