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Microsoft: Another 3,000 job losses as Satya Nadella continues restructuring

Axe to fall mainly on back-office staff, including IT support
30 Oct 2014

Bill Gates only involved in Microsoft 'as much as Nadella wants him', says Chairman John Thompson

The man who led Microsoft's CEO search says Nadella's influence will soon be felt on the whole marketplace
27 May 2014

Ericsson's Vestberg latest name to be linked with Microsoft CEO role

Ericsson CEO Hans Vestberg
Hans Vestberg has seen a rise in revenues and shares under his stewardship
16 Jan 2014

Ford CEO Mulally rules himself out of race for top Microsoft job

Microsoft will have to look elsewhere for a CEO as turnaround expert Mulally opts to stay at US car manufacturer
08 Jan 2014

Microsoft's CEO search to continue into 2014, according to John Thompson

Finding a suitably qualified replacement for Steve Ballmer proving harder than expected...
18 Dec 2013

Bill Gates on 'complex role' awaiting next Microsoft CEO

Microsoft chairman uses shareholder meeting to outline what company wants from new CEO, and thanks Ballmer
20 Nov 2013

Microsoft: Stephen Elop and Ford CEO Alan Mulally line up to replace Ballmer

Shortlist for Microsoft's next CEO whittled down to five – including Elop and Mulally
06 Nov 2013

Ballmer sees Microsoft's 'almost no share' of mobile as an opportunity

Microsoft CEO tells analysts of regret for focusing on Windows Vista when he should have been focusing on mobile
20 Sep 2013

Top 10 Ballmerisms: Ballmer in his own words

'There’s no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No chance'
30 Aug 2013

Windows 8.1 released to manufacturers, general availability still 18 October

'Significant' update to its OS, says Microsoft
27 Aug 2013

Steve Ballmer to staff: Microsoft is an amazing place

Ballmer's decision to retire from Microsoft was revealed to staff in an email sent at 6am PDT - 2pm in London.
23 Aug 2013

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to retire within the next year

Long-standing CEO criticised for a decade of mis-steps and missed opportunities to stand down as CEO in the next 12 months
23 Aug 2013

Ballmer to unveil Microsoft restructuring on Thursday – aims to take on Apple, Google and others

Long-awaited restructuring will reshuffle roles, but hand more power to Ballmer
09 Jul 2013

The future for Microsoft: behind Ballmer’s Build bluster

Steve Ballmer’s keynote at Build 2013 was a third-party sales tour de force, but it left a few loose ends dangling on the hardware front
09 Jul 2013

Mattrick leaves Microsoft for Zynga as Ballmer takes over Xbox One project

Don Mattrick to join social games firm as its CEO, with his former staff set to report to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer
02 Jul 2013

Microsoft Build 2013: Future of devices lies in an “outpouring” of post-Surface ‘two in one’ touch notebooks, says Ballmer

"Only Windows" has the range of touch notebooks flexibile working needs, says CEO
26 Jun 2013

Senior executives to go at Microsoft as CEO Steve Ballmer finalises restructuring

Operating units to be reduced from eight to four as company focuses on “devices and services”
24 Jun 2013

Windows RT: living on borrowed time?

When Windows RT shipped, a sceptical IT industry opted to steer clear – with good reason. Now, the question is when will Microsoft kill it
16 Apr 2013

Bill Gates dissatisfied with Microsoft innovation under Ballmer

'Could do better,' says Gates
19 Feb 2013

Microsoft needs an outsider to lead. Ballmer ‘just a numbers guy’, says ex-senior VP

Software giant should hire next CEO from Apple, Google or Facebook, says Kempin - anywhere but Microsoft
11 Feb 2013

Ex-Microsoft SVP slams 'aggressive' Ballmer and 'lame duck' board

Software giant desperately needs new blood, says Kempin
22 Jan 2013

Dell wanted Microsoft to drop 'confusing' Windows RT branding

The firm argued the tablet OS was not worthy of the name 'Windows'
17 Dec 2012

Windows 8 creator Steven Sinofsky resigns from Microsoft

Sinofsky replaced by the creator of the Microsoft Office 'ribbon' interface...
13 Nov 2012

Microsoft first quarter revenues fall on Windows and Office sales decline

CEO Steve Ballmer claims sales will pick up when Windows 8 is launched
19 Oct 2012