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Jury decides Apple’s iPhone infringes patents from Sony, Nokia

Patents held by licencing firm MobileMedia Ideas
14 Dec 2012

Vendor focus: Sony – where did it all go wrong?

Why did the all-conquering trailblazer that so inspired Steve Jobs become just another electronics firm, and will it ever be able to reclaim its former glory?
28 Nov 2012

Sharp predicts net annual loss of $5.6bn; doubts it can stay in business

Sharp CES 2012
Other Japanese electronics firms similarly troubled
01 Nov 2012

US patent reveals Microsoft 3D projection display device

Meanwhile, Sony showcases "virtual reality" headset in new video
13 Sep 2012

Raspberry Pi manufacture relocates to UK from China

Budget PC now to be made at Sony plant in South Wales
10 Sep 2012

Foxconn shares fall following $226m net loss

Smartphone manufacturer for Nokia, Motorola and Sony blames 'sluggish' orders
28 Aug 2012

Ericsson suffers 63 per cent profit drop in Q2

Nokia Siemens also drops 8 per cent globally
19 Jul 2012 plans to ‘compete directly’ in e-wallet sector with Sony-powered chip tech

Rakuten acquisition pushes flagging online retailer into the future
27 Jun 2012

Google to take on Apple and Microsoft with own-brand tablet

Quad core devices will cost $199/£199
26 Jun 2012

Anonymous hacks Sony again

Hacktivist group attacks corporate giant over its support of the US Stop Online Piracy Act
06 Jan 2012

Security Roundup: The top stories of 2011

Hacktivists on the rampage, Sony and RSA on the back foot, and the UK cyber security strategy all over the place
27 Dec 2011

The Sony of God

22 Dec 2011

Analysis: The CSO – PR stunt, scapegoat or good idea?

Security is on the top of everyone's agenda at the moment, but is the appointment of a chief security officer the best way to tackle the issue?
26 Sep 2011

Crash Podcast - Sony's security and Microsoft and Intel's conferences

This week we discuss Sony's appointment of a new chief information security officer, and the Microsoft and Intel conferences in the US next week
09 Sep 2011

Sony hires first security chief

Four months after PSN hack, electronics giant appoints Philip Reitinger as chief information security officer
07 Sep 2011

Opinion: "I was hacked, so why am I being sued?"

Why organisations must take data security seriously
19 Jul 2011

Microsoft blames recent Sony and RSA hacks on 'rookie mistakes'

Software giant also claims to be almost impervious to denial-of-service attacks
04 Jul 2011

Teenager arrested on suspicion of Lulzsec hacks

A 19-year-old man is being questioned by police in connection with recent high-profile attacks on the CIA, SOCA, Nintendo and Sony
21 Jun 2011

H4cked Off: Losing the Cyber War

Have hackers already won the cyber war?
17 Jun 2011

H4cked Off: Pity the CSO

Corporate giant seeks security professional. GSOH essential. Relationship may be extremely short-term...
10 Jun 2011

Another Sony site hacked

Information on 1,000,000 users compromised, according to hacking group LulzSec
03 Jun 2011

Sony expects huge net loss after earthquake and PSN hack

The electronics company expects to post losses of £1.97bn
23 May 2011

H4cked Off: OMGWTFBBQ!

Sony has failed in a variety of interesting ways since it was hacked. But does it actually matter?
20 May 2011

Sony admits it can't secure the PSN

Sony chief says he can't guarantee the security of anything that connects to the internet
18 May 2011