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NHS issues £2m tender to train 100,000 people to use online health services

NHS England wants to boost health literacy
15 Aug 2013

IBM barred from Australian state after presiding over 16,000 per cent overspend on payroll project

Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM? They might do: Queensland bars IBM from new contracts 'until it improves its governance and contracting practices' after £695m payroll debacle
07 Aug 2013

HMRC's five-year plan as renewal approaches on Capgemini's Aspire contract

HMRC Whitehall
The tax authority is moving from a monolithic IT systems architecture to a ‘multi-sourced model’ with an integrator and multiple suppliers. Graeme Burton talks to HMRC’s outgoing CIO, Mark Hall, and Capgemini’s Craig Mills
07 Aug 2013

London Borough of Merton issues £2m tender for enterprise service delivery platform

New platform will be part of the council's 'customer contact strategy'
22 Jul 2013

Government's Digital by Default agenda gathers pace with £40m tender

Notice for digital services suppliers published despite criticism levelled at Whitehall earlier today
09 Jul 2013

We’ve got some great people, but 'pretty shoddy tech' admits Cabinet Office

And the government is still paying through the nose for it, says Cabinet Office CTO
03 Jul 2013

Office of Fair Trading to investigate the supply of IT hardware and services to public sector

OFT calls for submissions from buyers and suppliers - 13 August 2013 deadline
03 Jul 2013

Ministry of Justice on the hunt for ICT services tenders

Combined estimated cost of £782m for IT services including security, networks and infrastructure services
02 Jul 2013

A quarter of government ICT procurement to involve SMEs by 2015

Francis Maude makes case for smaller businesses to take a bigger role in handling government ICT contracts
27 Jun 2013

Cabinet Office claims procurement savings of £3.8bn - £10bn in total

Big savings generated by slashing spending on consultants and driving a hard bargain in procurement
03 Jun 2013

Norfolk County Council seeks strategic partner for £100m IT framework

Single operator required to implement cloud environment, predictive analytics and data visualisation
31 May 2013

Ministry of Justice issues £78m tender for ICT framework for better integrated services

Future IT Sourcing Programme to replace legacy contracts that were made before MoJ was created
31 May 2013

Department of Health seeks suppliers for £1.2bn GP practice IT framework

NHS funds provision of GP clinical IT systems in GPSoC scheme
29 May 2013

Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust issues £50m tender for 'strategic ICT partner'

Ten-year contract up for grabs for provision of ICT services
13 May 2013

Case study: Why Sugar proved sweeter than Salesforce for EMIS

Phil Webb, CTO of medical software supplier EMIS, explains how three potential CRM suppliers were reduced to one
01 May 2013

Councils issue tender worth up to £30m for pension software

Kent County Council leads procurement process for solutions that administer local government, police and rescue pension schemes
18 Apr 2013

NHS changes could spell the end for big outsourced health contracts

Sooraj Shah investigates what the potential of an “irreversible privatisation” of the NHS could mean for IT
18 Apr 2013

The big squeeze hits resellers

Resellers are being squeezed on all fronts – software, services and especially hardware. But the best-run companies are changing to meet these new challenges
16 Apr 2013

London boroughs plan united £1.1bn mega-outsourcing framework

Westminster, Hammersmith & Fulham and Kensington & Chelsea the first to pool IT resources under a London-wide framework
05 Apr 2013

US to conduct 'cyber espionage review' of Chinese-made IT

Government-spending law targets 'made in China' software and hardware
28 Mar 2013

Government CIO role abolished as era of big outsourcing deals draws to a close

'If we are here in three years' time and government is still spending £6bn on technology... shoot us'
14 Mar 2013

Interview with Tim Minahan executive VP of network strategy at Ariba

When Ariba met HANA
11 Feb 2013

Levelling the playing field: open source in the public sector

The government says it wants open source solutions to compete on equal terms with proprietary alternatives, but are Whitehall and local authority IT departments still slanting the pitch in favour of the big software vendors?
05 Feb 2013

Forecast for council IT: more cloud

Staffordshire IT chief Sander Kristel discusses his first experience of using the G-Cloud procurement service, and explains why he believes cloud will play an increasingly important role in public-sector ICT
23 Jan 2013