Latest Piracy articles

Google fights back against News Corp accusation that it's 'a platform for piracy'

Rupert Murdoch
Web firm responds to Rupert Murdoch's open letter with a blog post
26 Sep 2014

UK web pirates to receive warnings - via post and email

Illegally downloading games and films? Expect an email from your ISP soon
21 Jul 2014

MPs criticise Google's 'derisory' efforts to prevent piracy

Online Piracy
Culture, Media and Sport Committee says web giant needs to do more to curb illegal films and music
26 Sep 2013

30 per cent of businesses that use counterfeit software are infected by malware

Counterfeit software is a cash cow for organised criminals, warns Microsoft
06 Mar 2013

Kim Dotcom unveils Mega, the 'completely secure' successor to Megaupload

Filesharing site will use encryption to keep users' identity secure
01 Nov 2012

ACTA smuggled in under cover of CETA

Canadian-EU trade deal revealed to include rejected ACTA legislation in all but name
10 Jul 2012

European Parliament decisively rejects ACTA

Much-criticised Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement thrown out by MEPs
04 Jul 2012

Pirate Bay could look to "circumvent" High Court's ban of its website

ISPs wouldn't be liable for illegal website that uses proxy servers, says lawyer
01 May 2012

European Parliament votes to keep anti-piracy law decision out of top judges’ hands

Latest twist in the tale of ACTA
28 Mar 2012

European Court of Justice to rule on controversial anti-piracy scheme

Commissioners refer the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement to Europe’s top court
23 Feb 2012

The High Court paves way for ISPs to block The Pirate Bay

Website owners 'encourage' infringement, says judge
20 Feb 2012

Sex blobject

06 Feb 2012

Opinion: There are ways to make me pay for digital content...

...but blocking access to websites suspected of infringing copyright should not be one of them
31 Jan 2012

FileSonic deactivates file-sharing following Megaupload closure

Cyberlocker takes precautionary measure after rival is shut down
23 Jan 2012

Megaupload website shut down by US officials

But hackers attack US goverment sites and copyright holders in retaliation
20 Jan 2012

Wikipedia blacks out in protest against proposed US anti-piracy laws

24-hour blackout to protect users' "free expression"
18 Jan 2012

Kaspersky quits Business Software Alliance

Leading Russian security firm says that it can't condone the BSA's support of a new US piracy law bill
07 Dec 2011

High Court orders BT to block Newzbin2 web site within 14 days

The telecoms giant will also pick up the creative industry's legal costs
26 Oct 2011

Belfast architects billed £33,000 for software theft

BSA clobbers Coogan & Co on behalf of Adobe, Autodesk and Microsoft
25 Aug 2011

Analysis: Government rules out web site blocking

But last week's landmark Newzbin2 ruling suggests the judiciary favours tough action against illegal file sharing
03 Aug 2011

High Court rules BT must block pirate web site

Hollywood studios win major victory against filesharing site Newzbin2
28 Jul 2011

ACS:Law goes abroad

The law firm which went out of business in February appears to be back, targeting users overseas
21 Jul 2011

Is breach really theft?

23 May 2011

Sony had it coming

10 May 2011