Latest patent articles

Apple attempts to ban Samsung products in US overruled

"Multitude" of other features also drive phone sales, says judge
07 Mar 2014

Google and Samsung reach 10-year patent cross-license agreement

Google and Samsung reach 'self-protection agreement' over patents
27 Jan 2014

UK High Court finds BT liable for infringing ASSIA patent

BT suggests it won't appeal case and claims decision has 'no material effect on the operation of its networks'
04 Dec 2013

Patent infringement case revival shows Apple is 'running scared' of Samsung

Sam Jardine, partner at Watson Burton LLP Law Firm, tells Computing Apple could use the case to disrupt its main competition
20 Nov 2013

Nortel patents group Rockstar hits Google and other phone makers with lawsuits

Apple, Microsoft, BlackBerry, Ericsson and Sony-owned consortium accuses seven patent infringements
01 Nov 2013

Box opens international headquarters in London

London Mayor Boris Johnson welcomes the move, citing his programme of giving investors a taste of London during the Olympics in 2012 as a helping factor
09 Oct 2013

AOL and Microsoft patent sale fraud claims dismissed in court

Claims of board-level deceit are 'conspiracy theory' says federal judge
20 Aug 2013

'Patent troll' Eolas defeated in final court appeal over invalidated patents

US appeals court upholds invalidation of Eolas' controversial web patents
23 Jul 2013

Samsung 'to supply screens for next iPad and iPad mini'

iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 screens to be provided by Samsung, claims report
14 Jun 2013

US ambassador to Russia: 'We don’t care what colour your money is, we care about your ideas'

Obama administration keen on closer US-Russian technological collaboration, says McFaul
04 Jun 2013

Chinese IP theft costs US $300bn a year, says report

The Commission on the Theft of American Intellectual Property urges stronger action to be taken
23 May 2013

Google-owned Motorola faces steep fine from EC for 'abusing dominant position'

Motorola attempted to enforce an injunction to stop Apple selling iPhones in Germany
08 May 2013

Google whacked by Microsoft in Motorola intellectual property case

Seattle court slashes Google's $4bn payout claim on Motorola patents to just $1.8m
26 Apr 2013

Google-owned Motorola fails in Apple sensor patent challenge

US trade agency not persuaded that Apple infringed Motorola sensor patents
23 Apr 2013

Unified EU patent scheme moves a step closer

Unified Patent Court to be introduced in 2014 after Spanish and Italian objections rejected
16 Apr 2013

Apple 'bounce-back' patent rejected by US Patent Office

A small victory for Samsung in the latest chapter of its ongoing battle with Apple
04 Apr 2013

SAP moves against 'patent troll' attacking its financial sector customers

SAP defends itself against Pi-Net International's 'business process' based US patents
02 Apr 2013

Google promises not to wield its patent armoury – unless attacked first

Mutually assured patent destruction to anyone that has a go first
28 Mar 2013

Opinion: SMEs must grasp Patent Box opportunity

Firms must act now if they are to take full advantage of the tax break
21 Mar 2013

Judge slashes $450m from award given to Apple in Samsung patent battle

Judge Lucy Koh says jurors did not follow her instructions in calculating damages
04 Mar 2013

Google sues BT in the US and UK

Search firm looks to hit back at telecoms giant after 2011 patent case
14 Feb 2013

4G launch could see mobile makers sued by software firms, says lawyer

Handset makers must heed lessons of RIM's dispute with Visto after the 3G auction
24 Jan 2013

Ericsson sells over 2,000 patents to 'patent troll'

Mobile IP-licensing specialist Unwired Planet will pass on some of the revenues generated to Ericsson
14 Jan 2013

Google gets off lightly at FTC search manipulation hearing

But Microsoft still on warpath over lack of YouTube Windows Phone app
04 Jan 2013