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Opinion: There are ways to make me pay for digital content...

Derek Du Preez is a reporter on Computing
...but blocking access to websites suspected of infringing copyright should not be one of them
31 Jan 2012

London prepares for spike in Wi-Fi demand during 2012 Olympics

London Olympics Stadium
UK to borrow 'spectrum' from public sector bodies to cope with unprecedented demand for Wi-Fi during 2012 Olympic Games
24 Jan 2012

Virgin Media tests 4G in London

Virgin Media store
Tests run ahead of the spectrum auction later this year
23 Jan 2012

Shadow minister slams government over 4G auction

Helen Goodman claims the government is losing £1m in revenue a day
13 Jan 2012

Ofcom again revises plans for much-anticipated 4G spectrum auction

The regulator has responded to criticism regarding Everything Everywhere
12 Jan 2012

Talk Talk customers have most to complain about, reveals Ofcom

Complaints largely focus on billing and customer service, according to regulator
21 Dec 2011

Ofsted report: ICT teaching in the UK is 'inadequate'

The number of students taking GCSE IT has fallen 61 per cent since 2007
14 Dec 2011

Ofcom urges ISPs to improve traffic management code

Regulator would like to see increased transparency among internet providers
24 Nov 2011

O2 trials 4G network in London

Speeds are expected to be on par with super-fast fibre broadband connections
14 Nov 2011

UK government should combine network infrastructure plans, urge telecoms groups

Plea to pool funds for broadband, energy and health networks
10 Nov 2011

Increase to mobile coverage obligation moves nearer

MP behind May Commons debate encouraged by progress on increasing coverage from 95 to 98 per cent
10 Nov 2011

Everything Everywhere should not profit from spectrum sale, say MPs

A committee report details concern over the operator’s spectrum sale and says 4G auction needs to held asap
03 Nov 2011

Ofcom infrastructure report reveals fast broadband winners and losers

Northern Ireland tops fast broadband league, while Wales gets wooden spoon
02 Nov 2011

MEPs endorse plans to free up spectrum for 4G

All member states must free up the 800MHz frequency band for 4G services by 1 January 2013
01 Nov 2011

Ofcom further delays 4G spectrum auction

However, the impact on the rollout timeline is likely to be minimal
10 Oct 2011

BT faces criticism for revised duct and pole access prices

A backlash from other network operators prompted BT to revise its January draft prices
07 Oct 2011

Ofcom set to delay 4G auction

Network operator Three believes the larger networks are deliberately holding up proceedings
06 Sep 2011

Ofcom gives white space the green light

Regulator won't insist on licences for white space wireless devices
01 Sep 2011

Ofcom fines Talk Talk and Tiscali £3m

Fines levied for failure to stop incorrectly billing customers
18 Aug 2011

Businesses 'should embrace' smartphone dependency

Ofcom study reveals that smartphone use is changing the way we communicate and do business
04 Aug 2011

IEEE agrees 802.22 standard for white space broadband

Says standard will allow broadband wireless access in locations up to 100km from a transmitter
02 Aug 2011

Ofcom considers use of FM radio band for white space technology

Radio wave spectrum could be used for mobile broadband
07 Jul 2011

Ofcom lets mobile firms trade spectrum

Ofcom has given the go-ahead for mobile operators to trade the rights to the radio spectrum they hold
23 Jun 2011

O2: 4G spectrum auction is illegal under EU law

The telecoms company claims that the taxpayer could be £1bn out of pocket
10 Jun 2011