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NHS Trust issues tender of up to £100m for IT hardware

Tablet device in hospital
Hardware to include tablets and desktops
26 Nov 2012

Billion dollar Oracle ERP project shot down by US Air Force

USAF scraps implementation after spending a cool $1bn on failed Oracle rollout
16 Nov 2012

Coming ready or not: NHS records to go online from 2015

Health screen
Patient records, GP appointment booking and repeat prescriptions all to go online from March 2015
14 Nov 2012

Plans for online patient access to medical records 'open to abuse', warns ICO

ICO welcomes public access to private medical records, but precautions need to be in place, says David Evans
25 Oct 2012

Deputy ICO says big rise in reported breaches is no cause for alarm

Fining NHS trusts still 'good idea' says David Smith
21 Sep 2012

CSC finally implements Lorenzo patient records management system

Manchester’s Tameside Hospital becomes first user of much-criticised system
18 Sep 2012

Business intelligence saves lives at Colchester Hospital University NHS Trust

Trust claims efficiency savings of £45,000 after replacing Analyser with QlikView
13 Sep 2012

Department of Health reaches deal with CSC over £2.9bn Lorenzo patient management system

Government claims of £1bn in savings questioned
04 Sep 2012

NHS Trust fined £175,000 for ‘entirely avoidable’ data breach

ICO gives penalty to Torbay Care Trust
07 Aug 2012

£60,000 fine for NHS trust that sent test results to the wrong address

Fourth fine in two months for breach-prone NHS trusts
13 Jul 2012

NHS wastes a fortune on piecemeal IT

11 Jul 2012

100 CSC staff made redundant in first wave of job losses

A further 200 volunteered to leave
10 Jul 2012

NHS IT directors: Spending cuts will be detrimental to patient care

Senior management, big data and skills gaps are all obstacles for NHS IT
28 Jun 2012

CSC and the NHS: Lorenzo now on hold until 31 August

Resolution postponed again, boilerplate statement prepares investors for risk of bad news.
06 Jun 2012

Ovum: Politics causing public-sector IT projects to fail

NHS 111 programme shows 'immaturity of administration'
02 Jun 2012

NHS information strategy gives green light to UK-wide data sharing

Apps, cloud and automated services grab headlines, but commercialisation of data seems to be on the cards as well
21 May 2012

NHS project dispute contributes to $4.3bn loss for CSC

£400M UK defence deal, however, will help make up for it
21 May 2012

‘BYOD the only sustainable way forward’ says Liverpool NHS IT chief

Own devices key to cutting health service costs in coming years, claims tech-leading hospital, although strategy could result in job losses, IT chief warns
17 May 2012

ICO: Government should re-write FOI Act to clarify use of veto

Health Secretary Lansley told to justify Freedom of Information veto over NHS risk report
17 May 2012

Opinion: Information is the lifeblood of healthcare

The efficient circulation of medical data is the key to better healthcare
09 May 2012

North Bristol NHS Trust busts EPR budget by £1.2m

Trust has had to fork out for extra staff, hardware and technical resources
02 May 2012

ICO issues first NHS data protection fine

£70,000 fine comes one week after Computing criticism
02 May 2012

To fine or not to fine: The ICO and the NHS

Why NHS organisations lose so much data – and why the Information Commissioner lets them off with little more than a warning
27 Apr 2012

CSC job cuts: NOA backtracks on comments, makes things worse (UPDATED)

National Outsourcing Association "does not support the job cuts" says chief – while contradicting CSC's own statements. Meanwhile, back at the NHS...
24 Apr 2012