Latest MySQL articles

Looking beyond Oracle: two high-end SQL databases you may never have heard of

Harte-Hanks and Blue Yonder tell John Leonard why they selected Splice Machine and EXASolution over more established SQL databases from the majors
30 Oct 2014

Flaws in 999-emergency calling system software exposes sensitive calls to hackers

Multiple flaws in NICE Systems software and MySQL database could be exploited by hackers, warns security company
31 May 2014

Case study: how Oracle licensing drove us into the arms of Maria

Online retailer Greetz tells Computing how migrating to MariaDB has allowed it to grow and innovate
27 Feb 2014

Google working on migrating from MySQL to MariaDB

Google has been working with the MariaDB Foundation since the beginning of the year
13 Sep 2013

'Lump in the learning curve' for big data adoption - Met Office

Met Office technical lead James Tomkins tells Computing there are benefits to be gained from NoSQL databases - but a steep learning curve getting to grips with it
01 Aug 2013

Square Enix prefers Mongo DB to Microsoft SQL for big data scaling

Games publisher uses MongoDB to collect and analyse data from popular games
03 Jul 2013

Top 10 software stories of 2013 so far

“Software” will be 60-years old this October, but despite the lack of big launches so far this year, there's still been plenty of activity
13 Jun 2013

Database shakedown: Five reasons why there’s a revolution going on

10gen CEO Max Schireson explains why there is room in the market for a new generation of providers
06 Jun 2013

MySQL creator Monty Widenius wants it to 'disappear from the Earth'

Monty Widenius is on a mission to replace Oracle-controlled MySQL, which he founded, with MariaDB
29 May 2013

SkySQL merges with MariaDB to make 'next generation' open-source database

Original MySQL team members reunited through merger
24 Apr 2013

Nokia Entertainment: Why we went Mongo

Nokia tells Computing about the pros and cons of NoSQL database MongoDB
11 Apr 2013

Ordnance Survey issues £2m tender for IT services

UK national mapping agency on the hunt for agile software development partner
21 Feb 2013

Symantec finds malware that corrupts SQL databases

Malware appears to be designed to damage data, not steal it
26 Nov 2012

Analysis: The inexorable rise of NoSQL

Many firms find it hard to look past Oracle, IBM or HP for their data warehouse and business intelligence tools. But with the advent of big data, the niche players’ day may be dawning. John Leonard speaks to one of the upstarts
03 Oct 2012 serves malware following hack

Oracle site redirected visitors to a malicious site that installed malware on their machines
27 Sep 2011

Another Sony site hacked

Information on 1,000,000 users compromised, according to hacking group LulzSec
03 Jun 2011

Tower of Babel: A linguistic analogue to technological standards

09 May 2011

Lizamoon: will lessons be learned?

The recent massive SQL injection attack was a stark reminder of how slack coding practices can have sometimes devastating consequences
19 Apr 2011

Ingres criticises Oracle investment strategy for MySQL

Oracle release of MySQL 7.1 investment strategy draws immediate criticism from rival Ingres
14 Apr 2010

Oracle sheds light on its Sun plans

The database giant hopes its acquisition of Sun will enable it to achieve the kind of hegemony IBM enjoyed in the 1960s and 1970s. But what does it plan to do with Sun’s products?
02 Feb 2010

Microsoft and HP tie up: What are their motives?

Analysts say Microsoft's plans are clear, but HP's strategy is not
20 Jan 2010

Redmond exploits MySQL uncertainty

Microsoft offers SQL Server Migration Assistant to firms not wanting to migrate to Oracle databases
12 Jan 2010

Oracle : "EU doesn’t understand open source"

Oracle criticises European Commission's objections to its acquisition of MySQL
10 Nov 2009

The sun has not yet set on this debate

It is clear why Oracle is keen to retain MySQL ­- and why the EU seems just as keen on quashing the deal for the sake of competitiveness
05 Nov 2009