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IT failures cost average of £410,000 - but half could easily be avoided, warns KPMG

blue screen of death windows 8 crash BSOD
Technology Risk Radar report warns that organisations are not properly managing risk associated with technology
05 Dec 2014

'We'll hire hackers' to solve cyber skills crisis say over half of UK firms

KPMG study finds that firms are becoming 'increasingly desperate' when it comes to filling the cyber skills gap
17 Nov 2014

'I'm not prepared to take the whole business to Windows 8; it's too much, too quickly,' says KPMG CIO

Edel McGrath explains how a two-year project has seen the IT department at KPMG gain far more influence over the company
12 Aug 2014

KPMG opts for ServiceNow workflow after being advised by client-facing CIO advisory board

KPMG starts to listen to its own advisory practice for new software implementations
31 Jul 2014

Windows 8 is ‘too much, too quickly and too different’, says KPMG CIO

Windows 8 'optional' for staff, but Windows Phone 'not ready' due to security concerns
31 Jul 2014

KPMG and Imperial College London team up in bid to help businesses exploit big data analytics

Partnership claims that new centre will help put UK at the forefront of data science
15 Jul 2014

Call for 'privacy charter' to protect personal data online

KPMG and Censuswide survey polled public on attitudes to privacy and surveillance
23 May 2014

Global shipping vulnerable to hackers

Experts warn automated systems could be exploited by cyber criminals
25 Apr 2014

Less than a third of Cyber Security Challenge finalists have found a job in cyber security

Cabinet Office says that 'almost a third of face 2 face and masterclass contestants find a career in IT security'
18 Mar 2014

Cabinet Office launches Cyber Security Challenge 'masterclass'

The event will culminate in a champion being crowned on Saturday evening
14 Mar 2014

Why are people still hanging on to Windows XP, and are they dicing with disaster?

Avast and KPMG weigh in on the debate
21 Feb 2014

Only one in 10 firms assign a monetary value to data they hold – report

A third of firms have not even attempted to value information assets they hold
04 Feb 2014

KPMG not looking for 'wannabe Matrix hackers' to fill cyber security skills gap

History graduates, architects and actuarary professionals can fill the void, says head of cyber
28 Jan 2014

Why are CISOs getting the biggest salary increases?

Growing awareness of information security, lack of leaders with requisite expertise and increased budgets all reasons for jump in wage packets
23 Jan 2014

'Companies are losing the battle against cyber crime' - KPMG auditors

KPMG's UK Audit Committee Institute warns about poor quality data hampering cyber protection efforts
16 Jan 2014

Cyber Security Challenge CEO hits back at KPMG’s 'lack of credible candidates' claim

KPMG's UK head of cyber security said that firm scaled back sponsorship of the challenge
16 Jan 2014

KPMG scales down sponsorship of the Cyber Security Challenge because of a ‘lack of credible candidates’

UK head of cyber security believes a better ROI would be to talk to university students
15 Jan 2014

Cyber security concerns will rise for all in 2014 - KPMG

Consultancy says government, business and consumers need to be aware of threats
17 Dec 2013

KPMG buys 3,500 BlackBerry 10 smartphones and commits to BES 10

Says BlackBerry 10 is 'the best solution in terms of usability, security, connectivity and price'
16 Oct 2013

MI5 and GCHQ call for ‘cyber health check’ for all FTSE 350 companies

Letter to FTSE 350 companies urges them to take action after all are found to be 'leaking' data online
25 Jul 2013

All FTSE 350 companies are making it easy for hackers by leaking data online, claims KPMG

Attackers could gain control of intellectual property, perpetrate fraud and inflict reputational damage on major companies - report
24 Jul 2013

Businesses 'lack intelligence' required to counter cyber attacks

Report from KPMG suggests while organisations are aware of cyber threats, many aren't equipped to fight them
10 Jul 2013

Half of UK organisations not compliant with EU cookie law

Much-criticised EU law on cookies still being ignored by organisations, claims KPMG
29 May 2013

Lynch hits back at HP over claims of 'accounting irregularities' at Autonomy

HP's allegations are 'utterly wrong', says Lynch
22 Nov 2012