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UK and US reject global telecoms treaty over internet 'power grab'

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Anti-spam and other 'out of scope' measures in draft telecoms treaty rejected by UK, US and other governments
14 Dec 2012

ITU agrees deep-packet inspection of internet traffic

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Agreement reached between national governments behind closed doors
07 Dec 2012

Battle for control of the internet spills into the open at WCIT

UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon stakes claim to the internet in opening day of WCIT
03 Dec 2012

UN and ITU intensify battle for control of the internet

Russia, China and other national governments' bid to take control of the internet to intensify at ITU conference in Dubai next week
27 Nov 2012

ITU approves universal phone charger standard

GSMA predicts standby energy consumption will be cut by half
22 Oct 2009

Mobile broadband is driver for internet connectivity

More than 600 million people will be using mobile broadband by end of this year, says research
07 Oct 2009

ITU pledges to fight global cybercrime

The International Telecommunication Union is at the forefront of organising worldwide co-operation on telecoms issues
30 Sep 2009