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NHS’s Sir Bruce Keogh claims wearable tech could revolutionise healthcare

Apple Watch interaction app tools
NHS medical director believes smart devices could help to slash hospital admissions
21 Jan 2015

Hadoop distributor MapR aiming for late 2015 IPO

CEO John Schroeder believes Hadoop market is becoming more mature as he prepares to float company
16 Jan 2015

Lenovo unveils Google Glass competitor in Internet of Things push

Lenovo smartglasses
Chinese manufacturer is also looking for hardware partners to make new products
28 Jul 2014

Samsung, Intel, Dell and others to establish Internet of Things standards

Open Interconnect Consortium (OIC) wants IoT devices to connect and communicate seamlessly with each other
08 Jul 2014

Vodafone to acquire Italian car technology firm Cobra Automotive Technologies

Cobra provides security and telematics solutions to the automotive and insurance industries
16 Jun 2014

Spending on high-end storage falls 25 per cent – IDC

Overall market down 6.9 per cent as economic uncertainty persuades companies to keep their storage kit longer
09 Jun 2014

Are enterprises using the right tools to harness big data?

Are the latest big data technologies going to replace or work alongside traditional tools, asks Sooraj Shah
11 Apr 2014

Hadoop Summit 2014: $50bn of big data market in 2020 will be driven by Hadoop - IDC

Forrester Research finds that 81 per cent of large organisations are "interested in Hadoop"
02 Apr 2014

Is Microsoft finally breaking down its barriers of bureaucracy?

Microsoft's approach to iOS, Android and the overlaps between its own products, suggests that the firm may have finally changed tack
14 Mar 2014

Is Microsoft just testing the waters with Social Listening?

Sooraj Shah questions whether end-users are likely to find that Microsoft’s social tool adds any real value
12 Mar 2014

Social media use by SMEs to see significant growth by 2014

IDC suggests small businesses are increasingly adopting Facebook, Twitter and other social media
26 Feb 2013

$24bn Dell buyout deal moves closer

Deal involving private equity firm Silver Lake could be completed this week
22 Jan 2013

Lenovo overtakes Acer’s EMEA PC sales but HP remains top

Chinese PC maker bucks trend of decline in PC sales
18 Jan 2013

PC sales fall six per cent in fourth quarter – first fall since global financial crisis

Windows 8 puts off more PC buyers than it entices
11 Jan 2013

Apple said to be planning a cheaper iPhone this year

Lower-end smartphone might enable Apple to regain market share
09 Jan 2013

Schmidt: 'We’re imitating Microsoft’s lead against Apple from 20 years ago'

Google chairman says Android is winning mobile OS war
12 Dec 2012

iPad's share of tablet market drops to 50 per cent

Apple's grasp on the tablet market loosens as competition from Android intensifies
06 Nov 2012

Developers lose interest in Windows Phone, says IDC

Android and iOS the main platforms for both consumer and business app development
26 Jul 2012

Lenovo to become world’s biggest PC maker ‘this year’, say analysts

Growth rates put Lenovo on course to overtake HP in the third quarter
16 Jul 2012

Android activations approach one million per day

Double the rate this time last year, but growth is slowing
12 Jun 2012

HP: Big data is creating jobs, but there is no one to fill them

Unstructured data explosion is a problem for all - including vendors, says former Autonomy executive. Information analysts apply here...
20 Apr 2012

IDC: IT budgets to remain flat in 2012

Few organisations are planning to raise their IT spend this year, according to analysts IDC
23 Jan 2012

IDC: Next year could determine 2020 IT leaders

Research firm predicts sharp rises in 'smart city' investment, PaaS spending and NFC adoption
06 Dec 2011

IDC: IT chiefs struggle to find resources to meet security requirements

CIOs and CSOs are expected to provide tighter security while the IT skills of their staff decrease and budgets stay flat
14 Sep 2011