Latest Gartner articles

How to prevent ageing apps from straining your budget

Application maintenance is expensive and ineffective without proper software lifecycle management controls
14 Sep 2010

Apple relaxes app guidelines in face of stiff competition

Apple relaxes restrictions on development tools and publishes App Store review guidelines
13 Sep 2010

CIOs cutting opex to pay for capex, says Gartner

Analyst firm says CIOs no longer delaying infrastructure upgrades
09 Sep 2010

European companies to increase their outsourcing spend

But they will demand more flexibility from providers, says report
07 Sep 2010

Worldwide semiconductor revenue to grow nearly a third in 2010

Growth is expected to slow in the second half of 2010
01 Sep 2010

Age of business PCs at all-time high, says Gartner

Analyst says companies cannot delay upgrading PCs much longer
31 Aug 2010

Cost of Windows 7 migration will rise due to lack of skilled staff

As the deadline for moving to Windows 7 approaches, businesses will have to dig deep to keep their operating systems up-to-date
27 Aug 2010

Western European PC market growing, says Gartner

UK market is weak as a result of austerity measures
25 Aug 2010

IT security spending picks up pace

Eleven per cent growth this year, predicts Gartner
17 Aug 2010

Gartner reduces IT growth forecast by 1.2 per cent

Sovereign debt crisis and appreciation of US dollar take their toll
11 Aug 2010

Gartner attempts to profile social networking users

Research firm offers a “social network framework” of business users
27 Jul 2010

Worldwide PC shipments up 21 per cent

Figures higher than expected, says Gartner
15 Jul 2010

CIOs must plan for double-dip recession

But exercising caution does not mean second economic downturn will definitely happen
09 Jul 2010

2010 IT spending will be less than predicted

Analyst Gartner has lowered its forecasts
02 Jul 2010

Wireless email users to top one billion by 2014

Commoditisation of wireless email accelerating, says analyst
30 Jun 2010

Cloud services to hit £46bn in 2010

US accounts for 60 per cent of cloud service revenue
23 Jun 2010

Sharp practices take the shine off SaaS

Experts are questioning the value of the software-as-a-service model to user organisations and its long-term viability for providers
22 Jun 2010

2010 to see 54 per cent jump in mobile payment users

Mobile payments proving particularly popular in Asia-Pacific, says Gartner
21 Jun 2010

Supply chain management industry sees surprise decline

Worldwide revenue drops 0.7 per cent. New licence revenue also down 7.4 per cent
17 Jun 2010

Mobile PC shipments boom

Gartner says shipments grew 43 per cent in first quarter of 2010
25 May 2010

Gartner pushes the case for “Hybrid Thinking” in enterprise architecture

Architects should take a leaf out of product designers' notepads
21 May 2010

IBM thinks big

IBM used its recent Impact event in Las Vegas to outline its plans to build a smarter planet full of mega-corporations
18 May 2010

Gartner warns of datacentre headache for IT staff

Expect datacentre power, cooling and space problems
14 May 2010

PC sales up 27 per cent in Q1 2010

EMEA PC market recovery boosts sales
15 Apr 2010