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UK needs more women in tech to compete on global scale, says Education Minister

The UK will only realise its full potential as a global technology hub if more women are encouraged to find careers within the sector, Education Minister Nick Gibb has said
31 Jul 2014

BT, IBM, Capgemini to offer cyber security apprenticeships

Employers team up with e-skills UK in a bid to close 'cyber skills gap'
20 Mar 2014

Liam Fox MP : 'Exploiting big data is a massive economic opportunity'

Defence secretary Liam Fox (Photo - Cabinet Office)
Fox urges universities and industry to ensure that the UK is the first nation to profit from big data potential
28 Nov 2013

Big data 'vital' to UK economy - but more experts needed, says SAS Institute

SAS Institute research indicates 69,000 more big data specialists will be required by 2017
08 Nov 2013

E-skills and Cyber Security Challenge bid to make cyber security appealing to students

Two new programmes set to launch this month in secondary schools
13 Sep 2013

A-Level results show IT school study uptake still “disappointing”, says Oracle

However economics, maths and chemistry study are up as STEM popularity rises
15 Aug 2013

High demand for places at SAS academies, says CEO Jim Goodnight

North Carolina State University received 450 applications for 80 course places
11 Jun 2013

Cyber Security MSc courses are needed in the UK, but not this one

De Montfort University and Deloitte seem more interested in quantity rather than quality
23 May 2013

E-Skills UK and employers team up to launch cyber security apprenticeship

Degree-level qualification aims to boost the number of young people working in IT security
15 May 2013

E-Skills UK creates more than 300 IT apprenticeships in seven months

Skills body is on track to create 550 roles by the end of 2013
13 May 2013

Video: SAS launches academy to tackle big data skills shortage

The thoughts of e-Skills UK, Birmingham City University, an ITMB student and SAS on the academy and big data
28 Mar 2013

Capgemini to recruit 100 IT apprentices in the West Midlands

Capgemini offers to pay university tuition fees of the best candidates
23 Jan 2013

BT teams up with skills bodies to create 550 IT apprenticeships in 2013

National Skills Academy for IT and NITP working with BT to fill tech roles at SMEs
08 Jan 2013

SAS launches academy to tackle demand for "£52,000 a year" big data specialists

Demand for specialists to “increase by 92 per cent in next 5 years”
10 Dec 2012

ICT is wasted on most school kids

02 May 2012

Open University launches £3,000 IT services management course

Online course to help address 'most pressing skills gap in IT'
25 Apr 2012

e-Skills UK claims 85 per cent of ITMB graduates find work within six months

Skills body says course develops a broader skillset in graduates than a computer science degree
03 Feb 2012

BETT: Gove to scrap ICT curriculum

Experts hail 'vital and historic step towards creating a new approach to teaching IT in schools'
11 Jan 2012

IT Skills Roundup: The top stories of 2011

'Inadequate' ICT education, competition with the US IT industry and SMEs being too picky about who they hire
28 Dec 2011

E-skills UK launches BigAmbition Scotland

The web site aims to inspire young people to take up a career in IT
02 Dec 2011

Government responds to NextGen IT skills report

But it does not make any promises regarding IT teaching, and some argue that the gap will be filled by the private sector
01 Dec 2011

£60m growth fund will address IT skills gap

The fund aims to support employers taking collective action to overcome skills issues, said business secretary Vince Cable
24 Nov 2011

IT skills shortage in Northern Ireland is still worst in the UK, says e-skills UK

But positive signs emerge from future skills programme
22 Nov 2011

New work placement scheme aims to train students in IT security

Programme has backing from universties and business
26 Oct 2011